How To Delete Temporary Files In Windows 8 step by step

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In each Windows version, we are aware of Windows Temporary Files. Actually these are vain files and are produced automatically during computer operation, or while any specific tasks are finished. So we should remove these temporary files time to time otherwise it occupies and waste our considerable disk.

If these temporary files are not deleted they disrupt the Windows performance truly. As a result, we feel slow speed of our computer. With Windows 8, a same trouble condition is valid.

In these tips, I am going to describe two methods for how to delete the temporary files from windows 8?  Actually windows 8 has integrated disk cleanup utility tool which is a quick solution to it. So, see below.

Useful Tutorial:

First Method

Steps to Delete Temporary Files on Windows 8

First Method

Step – 1

  • At first, move the cursor to the top right of the screen and click Search button.
windows 8 search option


You may press the shortcut (Windows key + F) to start windows 8 search window.

  • Next type keyword “Disk Cleanup” on the search panel and click Settings button.
  • On left screen panel of search result pages, hit on this link – Free up disk space by cleaning unnecessary files. 
windows 8 disk cleanup tool search

Step – 2

  • Now you will prompt a dialog box named Disk Cleanup: Drive Selection.
  • Then select drive to erase the temporary files.
  • So select the drive C due to Windows version loading.
windows 8 disk cleanup - drive selection

Step – 3

  • Here you will get another dialog box. Here choose all the options and hit on OK button.
windows 8 erase temporay files

Step 4

  • Next, a confirmation box prompts before you. So click on Delete Files button to continue the process.
windows 8 disk cleanup confirm
windows 8 disk cleanup continue

It will take some minutes to erase every temporary file from your Windows 8 system.

Second Methods

You can also perform same tips with the Disk Cleanup Utility via Drive C properties openly.


  • Explore computer window, and press right click on C drive.
  • Then choose Properties menu from right context panel.
windows 8 Drive C Properties

Step – 2

  • Next, you will get a properties box of Drive C. Here select the Disk Cleanup button.

The rest process is similar to Step 3, Step 4 and Step 5 talked about above under first method.

windows 8 drive C Properties box

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