How to Download HD Videos from iTunes

All love to watch high definition movies on their phones but sometimes you come across the situation when you find yourselves capable of downloading these movies in your iDevices. Many people love to download HD videos from iTunes. People who are new to Apple phone might come across a problem of how to download videos in their phone.


Following few simple steps will be good enough to automatically download the multifarious high definition movies and assorted TV shows from iTunes. The steps like customization of iTunes download preferences under default program settings will perform all the work you need. Here are the few simple steps which you can use for your help.

How to Download HD Videos from iTunes

  • Access iTunes and sign in it with the assistance of Apple credentials.
  • Hit on the menu Edit thereupon Preferences.
  • Go to Store tab and opt for Automatic download segment. Here check the square shaped boxes before both the preferences Automatic download of HD movies and high definition SD movies.
  • You require implementing the changes freshly made on the Store Preferences via tapping on OK. This 2 -3 steps action will set your preferences once in for all.

How to Download HD Videos from iTunes

Few users encounter with an error message prompted after they sync SD videos on either iPod classic or iPod nano. This event also indicates to change the preferences for HD Video on Store. Soon after they make a slight change like ticking the boxes and click ok they are able to download HD Videos from iTune Store.

Apple endorses High quality videos having resolution 1080 Pixel pretty well. Hence, this is an opportunity for you to enjoy the crystal clear videos on your iDevices.

We hope that these steps will help you to download high quality videos trouble free. So, get ready to surf and watch high definition and SD movies in your smart and stylish Apple phones.

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