How to Enable WiFi Access point in windows 8 from Command Prompt

Computer and Internet are complimentary for each other. Nowadays an individual who owns a computer wants to have Internet connection. If he has not an Internet connection, he is not in the rest till the Internet is not accessed.


The Connection between Internet and computer is a great issue. In order to Internet activation, many new ways are being discovered day by day. Today I will talk about how to enable WiFi Access point in Widows 8 from the command Prompt.

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How to Enable WiFi Access point in windows 8 from Command Prompt

Press shortcut Window key + X and choose Command prompt (admin) from the drop down.

windows 8 command prompt menu
You get command prompt window.
First step
Firstly you have to find out about active wireless device and its supported drivers information through below command into command prompt window. So type this command

Netsh wlan show drivers 

View details of wireless device and driver. This command must show this option – Hosted network supported – yes.

windows 8 wifi driver command

Second step 

Now type another command to build wireless restrictions like insert SSID name, correct Passkey and set up wireless connection.

Netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=myssid key=password

wifi configure command

For example-  

mywifi key in place of myssid key and abcedef1234 in place of the password on the command prompt window.

wifi configure command

windows 8 wifi settings command

Important tips

SSID –  It denotes your network name.

password  – wireless network key or Passkey

Third step 

When you type following command, it starts to show wireless hosted connection message.

Netsh wlan start hostednetwork

windows 8 wifi connection launch command

Fourth step

netsh wlan show hostednetwork

This command is used to find out complete details of the active wireless connection like total number of the connected computer and many more.

windows 8 wifi network command

Thus, you have successfully configured wireless connection in your Windows 8 laptop from WiFi access point. Now you are ready to start transfer files or Internet over a wireless network.

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4 thoughts on “How to Enable WiFi Access point in windows 8 from Command Prompt

  1. Thanks Brandon.

  2. Naresh, you have to make sure that you have the drivers for your wireless card (thats what i’m asuuming that you’re using) before you start doing anything.

    If your drivers are installed and updated, restart your computer. Then try again.

    @vikram, you have to share your internet connection as described in the hyperlinked article up top. Make sure you share your ethernet connection. I just literally followed all these steps and now i’m able to access the internet on my phone using WiFi.

    Hope you guys get it working! Good luck! Hope this helps some =D

  3. n v r vikram g says:

    I am trying to connect to internet from ASUS tablet thhrough wifi created by this method. I could connect to the network but i am not able to browse the internet. Please help

  4. it shows the error like “the hosted network couldn’t be started.
    a device connected to system is not functioning…

    wat am i do…
    pls tell me the solution…

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