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Fix Category includes troubleshooting and repairing articles for Windows 10, 8, Android, and iOS.

Fix: ‘The Wait Operation Timed Out’ Error in Photos App Windows 10

The Wait Operation Timed Out Error in Photos App Windows 10 image 2 The Wait Operation Timed Out Error takes place in Windows 10 when Photos application fails to open an image. Many users get rid of this issue after a restart of the File Explorer. The problem occurs especially after Photos is set as a default app to for Viewing pictures. The error dialog

How to Fix 0xc004f034 Windows 10 Activation Error

0xc004f034 Windows 10 Activation Error Picture 1 Microsoft claims Windows 10 to be the best OS but numerous users encounter issues in the activation procedure only. When upgrading from Windows 7/8/8.1, the copy of Windows should be legitimate and also gets activated by itself. However, few of them confront 0xc004f034 Windows 10 Activation Error and thus are unable to

How to Fix APC_INDEX_MISMATCH with BSOD in Windows 10

APC_INDEX_MISMATCH with BSOD Image 1 Did you ever confront with an error APC_INDEX_MISMATCH with BSOD and a stop code 0x00000001 on Windows 10 PC? If you get to see this issue on your PC, then the culprit is the faulty, corrupted or damaged device drivers. For many, this problem is also related to graphics card. Though the

Microsoft Edge Not Working 2017 – All in One Fix for Windows 10

Microsoft Edge Not Working 2017 Image 2 Microsoft Edge Not Working is the frequent issue that many users of Windows 10 OS confront with. The built-in web browser creates several problems especially after installing the Creators Update version. For example, every time an attempt is made to launch the browser, it splashes its logo and instantly gets disappear from

How to Deal with Microsoft Edge Content Process in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge Content Process Pic 11 After using Edge for quite some time, users notice that there is drop down in the performance of their PC. Moreover, certain functions fail to open and work properly. So, upon checking Task Manager, they see that a huge amount of memory is being consumed by Microsoft Edge Content Process. Many users

How to Fix Microsoft Edge Keeps Closing on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge Keeps Closing image 4 Do you encounter the issue the built-in browser Microsoft Edge Keeps Closing within few moments after its launch on Windows 10? Actually, this annoying problem doesn’t settle down with normal measures as browsing data clearance etc. But here you will find few promising workarounds to fix this shut down occurrence of Edge

Steps to Fix DISM Error 87 in Windows 10

DISM Error 87 Windows 10 image Windows 10 Users are accustomed to struggling with different error codes and messages. However, most of them are the result of their own faults whether it is done knowingly or unknowingly such as an interruption in internet connection during Windows update, downloading malicious programs. Here you will find exactly same situation because

Fix: Xbox System Error E200 in Windows 10

Xbox System Error E200 in Windows 10 image MUST TRY: Click here to fix Windows errors and improve Computer performance   Xbox System Error E200 troubles users commonly when console update is pending. Few other reasons such as Network connectivity, Server down may also prompt this issue, but the most important thing is that the problem is solvable. So you will see here […]

Fix: System Restore Error 80042308 in Windows 10

System Restore Error 80042308 Pic 8 Here you will find the workarounds to fix System Restore Error 80042308 in Windows 10. This stop code commonly appears when users make an attempt to generate a restore point. Bad sectors on the hard drive or VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) are the root cause of this issue moreover some other
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