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Windows 8/8.1

Windows 8/8.1 consists all the article to fix the OS version issues.

How to fix Sound and Speaker issues in Windows 8 Step by Step

Speakers are the most important parts of a Laptop. Here, I am going to discuss the tips and steps to run Speakers smoothly. Time to time different issues in speakers come out. For example, you decide to play movies or music albums on your Windows 8 system. But, you find that the system speakers

Bluetooth Mouse Disconnects Frequently in Windows 10, 8 – How to Solve

Bluetooth Mouse Disconnects Frequently in Windows 10, 8 – You know better that Bluetooth supported keyboard, mouse, headphone disconnects often during access on any Windows OS. The same problem is found also on new Windows 10, 8 PC or laptop. With the improvement in wireless-based devices, especially Bluetooth wireless mouse is used

5 Important Tips for when your Windows 8 is not Working Properly

5 Important Tips for when your Windows 8 is not Working Properly There comes some time when you are trying to run an application and that application is not working either because of compatibility or may be other problems. The main thing is, there are always alternative solution to each and every problem. So, here we are going to give you some tips by which you

How to Fix Your PC Problems using Reliability Monitor in Windows 10/8

searching for reliability monitor in windows 8 RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and improve Computer performance   Solution to Your PC Problems using Reliability Monitor in Windows 10/8. – Windows 8 has launched a number of effective diagnostic tools to repair the system problems. One of these, Windows 10/8 Reliability Monitor facilitates you to view system errors, warning notifications, serious […]

Tips to Solve Problems with Windows 8 Camera App

windows 8 camera app problems Windows 8 is absolutely a distinguished from the old generations of windows versions. There are many new features available like start screen, charms bar, built-in default apps (Camera, Map, People, Store, Music) that make windows 8 user-friendly. The Camera app is one of the best fun apps in the Windows 8. It helps Windows

How to solve problem with Windows 8 App

windows 8 apps You get annoyed looking sudden problems in favorite Windows 8 Apps. Though, Windows Store automatically notifies and fixes apps related problems. In case Windows Store could not notify and fix problems as well then it becomes your responsibility to fix such problem. Providing helps to manually fix apps related problem, I am putting some

How to Recover Windows 8 Errors Screen and Death blue Screen

Blue Screen Error on windows 10 Recover Windows 8 Errors Screen and Death Blue Screen – I acknowledge that every one of you strives to upgrade your PCs/Laptops to the subsequent level Windows 8. But, you should be quite aware of the fact that you should only upgrade your PC only if you have a Windows 8 compatible hardware driver.

How to make System Repair Disc for Windows 8

windows 8 OS logo The newest Microsoft supported Windows 8 version has been launched with modern recovery alternatives such as – easy to restore at initial point, create system image and repair drive or disk. These three alternatives are performing significant job to access the windows 8 system with high performance. But suppose your windows 8 system is

How to build shutdown shortcut and fix it to Windows 8 Taskbar

windows 8 create shutdown icon At one side Windows 8 has a number of merits, but due to new look users are facing some new inconveniences. One of these is to shut down. Users have to process 2 or 3 steps for shut down. So here we discuss on how to build Shutdown icon and fix to Windows 8.

How to create Wifi connection (Ad hoc mode) in Windows XP

1-WIFI-Properties 3 Wi-Fi  refers to “Wireless Fidelity”. It is the best option of networking standard for setting up wireless LAN connection in an alike home network. Wi-Fi is built upon the basis of IEEE 802.11 a/b/g and n standard version. It is basically implemented in star topology network with the use of Wireless adapter or Router that allows data transfer, Internet […]
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