How to Fix Windows 8 Laptop Battery not Charging Issue

A difficult problem is found with just purchased windows 8 laptop battery and power adapter. When power adapter is connected to laptop battery it doesn’t start charging and battery charging icon is not showing on the system task bar. Laptop battery dies off when power adapter is removed. Several windows 8 beginner users have encountered this type of issue and irritating situation with their laptops. Then it would be little hard for them to search the reason of this kind of problem. In this tip I will be talking about how to fix the issue when power adapter is connect but battery is not charging on window 8 laptop.


Tips 1

Check Power Adapter

First of all, check and ensure that your power adapter is working perfectly. Otherwise try to connect a different power adapter of similar model. If the laptop battery charges with different power adapter then your adapter is not working and need to replace it immediately. If the other adapter is showing the same kind of issue then there might be an internal problem in your laptop.

Tips 2

Re-insert laptop battery

Remove the laptop battery case from laptop back side and re-insert the battery after 5-10 minutes. Next, power on the laptop and plug-in the power adapter. Then observe if the battery is charging or not.

Tips 3

Update Battery driver

Go to device manager using the search charm and navigate to the battery tab. Now right click on it and select update. After updating the battery drivers, connect the power adapter and see if the battery is charging or not.


Disable battery driver and restart the laptop. After restart the windows 8 laptop, connect the power adapter to charge the battery.

Tips 4

Install the update system driver

Flash your system BIOS with latest version. Update the all motherboard drivers like audio, video or chipset. Install update drivers for your laptop from the driver or laptop manufacturer website only.

Tips 5

The laptop battery may be the defective itself. If the battery is dead then it is option to buy a new and same model of battery.


The solutions explained above in this tutorial help you resolve the charging problem with the connected adapter and battery. If the hole or pin of the power adapter is showing damaged then visit the laptop manufacturer service center and consult with them.

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