How to Deactivate / Delete a Twitter Account Permanently

Twitter is becoming the favorite of millions around the world for expressing their thoughts. Even world-class leaders are connecting with people through this social networking site.

There are many activities to be performed on twitter. Here are some of the ways to deactivate a twitter account. This deactivation process is not available for mobile devices. Always Twitter’s official website must be visited through a computer system.

Tips to deactivate an account

  • log in into Twitter’s official website: Twitter
  • Select Account settings and then a click on Deactivate my account.
  • The account deactivation information should be read carefully then click on Okay, fine, deactivate account.
  • Then enter the password and verify the deactivation of the account.

The information to be noted before deactivation of an account

  • The Twitter from the day of deactivation only retains the user data for 30 days before the account is permanently deleted.
  • The account can be again activated within 30 days.
  • The account does not require a deactivation for hanging the user name and e-mail address. It can be changed any time from account settings.
  • The username and the e-mail id must be changed, and changes must be confirmed before deactivation for using them in some other account.
  • Twitter never controls the content indexed by Google or Bing.
  • The account is usually removed within few minutes of deactivation, but some content would be visible for few days.
  •  Deleting a TweetDeck account never deactivates a Twitter account.

Processes to make the user name or email address available to reuse before deactivation of the account

  • The settings page should be visited from the drop down menu .
  • A new user name should be chosen in the user name field.
  • The e-mail address should be chosen to the new one in the e-mail address field.
  • The e-mail id and user name can now be used with a new account.
  • Then, the deactivation process can be followed.

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