How to make Google Chrome as Default Browser in Windows 8

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Make Google Chrome as Default Browser in Windows 8 through Settings in browser and then Set Default Programs in Control Panel of Windows 8

As you know Internet Explorer always comes as default Internet browser in each system, which uses Windows Operating. Apart of Internet Explorer users have many choices in their hands to use latest Internet Browser. Google Chrome is one of them, which offers more speed than another browser. Users have shown immense interest to Google Chrome to make it as a default browser. Now, I am going to discuss few steps for how to make Chrome as a default browser.

At first, download Google Chrome in your system and after then follow as I suggest.

Change setting in Google Chrome to make default browser in Windows 8

  • Install Google Chrome through Google download link or from here Download Google Chrome browser
  • Run Chrome browser  first time then a message comes in the top side likes Set Google Chrome as a default browser. Here choose yes button. If this message does not appear here, click the wrench icon at the top left corner in the browser.
  • Click Settings button in the drop down menu.
Open settings in google chrome
  • Find default browser tab  in settings window  and click the link – Make Google Chrome as Default Browser.
select setting in chrome
  • You can see the Chrome is set as default.
chrome set as default browser
  • Now Open following locations in the Control Panel window to change setting in default programs.
  • Control panel——— Default Programs—– Set Default Programs—– Set Program Associations

default option on control panel


  • Check the following box – HTTP in protocol tab and HTML in extension tab.
  • Now click the Save button at the bottom to apply this setting.
  • After all Google Chrome will be as a default browser in Windows 8 in the computer.

After making Chrome as a default browser when you open any web page it will run in Google Chrome automatically.

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