How to Set PIN Log on in Windows 8

As you know secure log in depends on correct insertion of the password in existing accounts. Users have to keep many accounts as per their multiple usages. To open it requires their respective password. Surely it is a crucial task to remember all these password to secure log in. But newly introduced Windows 8 has added two new features for security protection as Picture password and PIN log on to address this issue
Pin log on features works on 4 digit numeric key just that’s similar to Bank ATM Pin or mobile device pin. Although Text password may be forgotten by your mind in sustain condition but Pin log on key never. Actually PIN is made of only 4 digit numeric key (0-9) and you may remember in mind for a long period. You may Set PIN Log on in Windows 8 Microsoft account or another user account by following below guide.



Windows 10 – How To Create 4 Digit PIN Logon

 How to Set PIN Log on in Windows 8

If you have decided to Set PIN Log on in Windows 8 to account login in place of password then follow this guide

  • Press Shortcut ( Windows key +I) to launch settings window.
  • Next  choose Change PC settings option from below
windows 8.1 change pc settings
  • A Control Panel dialog box has been displayed. Here Click on Users option from the left pane and hit on this link – Create a PIN
  • Just new dialog box renames Set up Your PIN appears. Insert current account password and Click on OK button.
  • Now type 4 digit numeric code pin (for example – 4569, 9999, 8756) in this dialog box and press Finish button.
  • Of course, you have Set PIN Log on in Windows 8 for Key security.
  • To check it restart or log off your system. After loading windows 8, it asks to type correct 4 digit pin on the prompted screen and log on windows 8 to access.

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