How to Track Speed Post / Express Parcel Online

Speed Post / Express Parcel, the quickest postal delivery. It is well Known fact neither of any quick postal means could take consolidated position of Speed Post or Express Parcel.

After applying services of Speed Post or Express Parcel in postal department in India delivering of Postal timing reduce dramatically. The indispensable postal means links more than 1200 Indian Towns. Providing service with sheer pace, Indian Post has more than 290 centers in National Network and around 1000 centres in State Network.

EMS Speed Post  and Express Parcel  of India Post has maintained status of better postal delivering since inception. Rare instance of failing or delaying postal service of Speed Post and Express Parcel comes into public domain. So, users have much more affection to these hi-tech services. Have you ever imagine about system functioning and tracing the moment of Speed Post. As mentioned earlier that a full pledge postal network are behind of functioning and as far as concern of Tracing moment delivery system of Speed Post or Express Parcel; it could be done after following India Post website. By taking successive steps as mentioned below you will be able to trace about moment of Speed Post and Express Parcel online.

What to do to track delivery status of Speed Post / Express Mail online

Moving status of Speed Post / Express Parcel would be traced after log on to web address of India Post, whichever provided below: -

Indiapost Speed tracking

As soon as we log on to above website a web page of Article Tracking displays. Users have to put 13 digits Item No.  and after then click on to Track button.

All action related to tracking article could be done easily after following step by step graphical representation : -

  • Type the web address of and hit enter  button then webpage will be opened as below
india post website home page
  • Now enter 13 digit Item No.
enter item no in india post website searchbox
  • Click on to Track button
click on track
Now Tracking details of particular Speed Post or Express Parcel will be displayed at screen. Hoping you will be benefited immensely after following this web page. A lot of tricky notes are awaiting your comments.
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7 thoughts on “How to Track Speed Post / Express Parcel Online

  1. Dhananjay Keshav Latkar says:

    Reply to speed post complaints need to much faster than physical delivery of article being electronic device. I had lodged complaint for non receipt speed post document EM373602716IN to precipitant or back to source since 16/01/2013 to date. I had contacted and given complaint on Telephone to Expected delivery post office i.e. Motilalnagar (Goregaon West)400104, telephone 02228720391, booking post office Deccan Pune 411004 telephone 02025670939, GPO Pune telephone 02026121570,1528.
    I had good repose at Lokmanya Nagar Serice (public relation) Post Office Pune 411030 when I meet on 05/03/2013. I got print out from for tracking up to 06/02/2013 from them. Thanks to them.My document is important document and non delivery will penalise heavily to me due to closer of financial year. D. K. Latkar 09869471841


    I can’t track Express Parcel india post.
    Track number is XL025527645IN
    Please help me…

  3. My parcel hasn’t arrived yet. The first expected parcel arrived on time. However, the second one which was a week later being sent hasn’t arrived up until now. I find it weird.

  4. Niladri Chakraborty says:

    I’ve been trying to track the whereabouts of my consignment (EW203941683IN). I sent it on 11th May, 2013. I know it has been less than 24 hours since I put it on the counter, but still the consignment tracking details are supposed to be on the website, isn’t it sir? Can you tell me when the details will be uploaded on the website? Whenever I try to track the speed post this error appears – ‘Consignment details not found’.

  5. I am not able to open the page after entering the tracking number.What should I do?

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