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Make your Own Theme with Etheme Launcher on Android and iOS

etools on ethme launcher android app Etheme Launcher is a free launching Android app. It contains 2000+ themes, wallpapers, 200+ fonts and lock animations to customize your Smartphone.  The interface of this app is very simple but attractive. It provides you free theme and wallpaper. The newer version of this app has brought 4 new themes and 2 new lockers. Its way […]

How to be Sure about an Earthquake Using LastQuake

LastQuake is an Android app. This app is developed by seismologists for the general public, earthquake onlookers and the scientific community. LastQuake is basically official earthquake app of Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC).  EMSC is a non-profitable scientific organization which had been created in 1975. It consists of 84 seismological institutes from 55 different countries. You […]

Top 5 Online and Offline Must have Dictionaries for Android

english dictionary android app Having a Smartphone makes so many tasks of our daily life a bit easier starting from Marketing to booking of Tickets. It has also revolutionized the whole education system. Nowadays, we can read about different happening of the world just by installing a news App like The Hindu, Hindustan Times etc. In the similar way, […]

How to Transfer and Share Apps, Files using Xender

searching for any other smartphone to connect by xender Xender is a free android app which lets you transfer different types of files, music, videos etc.  from one Smartphone to another without any hassle. Imagine what you feel when you are transferring some files, songs or movies to your friend and it is taking too much time. It can really frustrate anyone. It is […]

How to Extract and Zip Files Using Easy Unrar Android App

type archive name here space on new zip Easy Unrar is a free android app which lets you extract, archive or compress any files present on your Smartphone. Extracting files from a zipped file is very easy on PC as each and every OS provides us inbuilt extracting software on PC. However in the case of Smartphone, there is no such inbuilt app. This […]

How To Book a Cab, taxi Using TaxiForSure Android App

chaufeurs name and id on book a taxi & track where it is page TaxiForSure is a new app on Android lets you book a taxi in India. It claims itself to be the fastest way to book a taxi. This is a travel experience provider. Using this app, you can book a taxi in the simplest way possible. You can book for a ride on TaxiForSure in more […]

How To Book Railway Tickets Using IRCTC Connect Android App

search button on new booking page IRCTC Connect is a free app for Android Users developed by  Booking Railway tickets have never been such easy and comfortable. This new app provides One step login to its existing and new users. You can do almost everything which you used to do on its websites except for some features. This app has […]

5 Best Channels to Watch on YouTube Kids On Android and iOS

android app youtube kids There is no doubt that YouTube consists of tones of educational content, however as a parent you may not want your kids to browse freely different channels on YouTube. This is all because, there are so many channels out there on YouTube which are not appropriate for small kids. Recently, YouTube has launched YouTube Kids […]

How to Compress Video Files to the Size you Want on Android

video compressor android app icon People are fond of downloading and watching videos on android devices. But the problem arises when the memory of the device gets packed. This situation hinders the users to use the memory further and slow down the speed of the android device as well. We have chosen an app in Google Play Store which will […]

How to use KK Launcher Android App to Enhance Look, Tools

How to use KK Launcher Android App to Enhance Look, Tools KK Launcher is a very exciting and loving app for all. It has so many settings configured in itself that you will find almost all types of settings packed with this launcher. It lets you use its common, drawer, dock, desktop, sidebar and many other things. The interface of this app is very smooth and […]
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