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Google Recommended Best Security Tips for Android Phones

 Privacy and Security are of a great concern nowadays for various Android phones. Google has created certain sites like Good to know to make aware the users about various security issues and tips to be safe from the sensible internet. Now, one does have to be concerned about the security issues while downloading or playing various […]

Cheetah Run Android App – Enjoy the Racing Game

Cheetah Run adroid app  Cheetah Run is the new stunning animal running or simply a racing game app has recently enabled on Google play. It is very interesting racing game for Android devices. The user has to help the cheetah run successfully to its cave after clearing away the obstacles in the way. The Google Play’s new game has enriched […]

Enhance Android Experience with Dynamic Sun Grass Land Live wallpaper

Dynamic Sun Grass Land Live wallpaper android app Dynamic Sun Grass Land Live wallpaper is a set of amazing live wallpapers for Android devices in Google play. It displays the nature at its utmost beauty along with the various shades of the sun. There is 7 different sun shines with various drop effects which is able to give the home screen an attractive […]

theScore Android App – Get Sports Breaking News and Alerts

thescore Android app theScore is an Android App to for sport lovers who want to get Sports Breaking News and Alerts in real time. The app brings all the latest scores and news from all the big leagues in the world including NFL, NBA, MBA, NHL, EPL Champions and many more. theScore gives you an ultimate mobile sports experience and keep […]

ICQ Android App to Chat And Talk With Friends For Free

ICQ Android app ICQ is an android application that works on all mobile platforms and helps user to connect with their friends and relatives by enabling them to make free calls, instant messaging and a lot more. ICQ is a free Android app and is available in different formats for mobile, tablet and PC. Calling with ICQ is […]

Todoist Android App For Best Task Management Experience

todoist android app Todoist is an android app which is designed to enable users to manage their tasks in an efficient manner by organizing them. It runs on Android mobile, tablet, desktop, Gmail and many more. With this vast area of applicability, it turns out to be a very useful app for those who are busy with their […]

Readwhere Android App – Read News, Magazines and Comics

readwhere android app Readwhere is a free android app. This app lets you read newspapers, magazines and comics. Readwhere app consists a large collection of these three things i.e. it consists of all sorts of newspapers, magazines and comics. You will find all the newspapers to be completely free on this app however there are some comics and magazines […]

Maintain Privacy and Encrypt Apps using App Lock on Android

App Lock for Android App Lock is a great app for android devices used to lock important files and keep them secure. It works with very ease on your phone. App Lock allows you to first set a Master Password which could be used to unlock any app which is locked with the help of this app. It works flawlessly on […]

Top 10 Reasons you Select Samsung Galaxy Note 3

samsung galaxy note 3 It is not very past while 2011, the concept of a device that’s a workable mobile phone, but also avails all the functionality of a product, seemed thoroughly fanciful. But then Samsung let loose its Whole world Note on an unsuspecting world, thereby demonstrating that the finest of both devices might be combined within a […]

How to Record various things using Free Recorder App on Android device

recorder app for android Recorder is a free app for Android used for recording purposes. The things which you can download using this app are video, audio etc. It is basically designed to replace the pre-existing audio recording app which comes loaded with the Android devices at the time of purchase. All you have to do in this app […]
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