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How to Download HD Videos from iTunes

change hd video download preferences on itune All love to watch high definition movies on their phones but sometimes you come across the situation when you find yourselves capable of downloading these movies in your iDevices. Many people love to download HD videos from iTunes. People who are new to Apple phone might come across a problem of how to download videos […]

Top 10 Tips to Save Battery on iPhone and iPad (iOS 8)

Top 10 Tips to Save Battery on iPhone and iPad (iOS 8) Latest versions of phones and mobile operating incorporate more fun and features for users. This is also true for latest versions of iPhones like iPhone 5, 6 and iOS 8. But fun and features do not come for free but cost battery. Latest versions of games and heavyweight apps are hungry to eat battery of […]

How to Share Internet Connection on iPhone, iPad (iOS 8)

How to Share Internet Connection on iPhone, iPad (iOS 8) After upgrading iPhone and iPad to iOS 8, you can share the internet connection and data with variegated devices using WiFi, Bluetooth and USB Data cable.  Personal Hotspot is one of the most important features if you talk about internet sharing on iDevice. The Hotspot enables to share your cellular data connection with other WiFi enabled […]

Find Missing Photos on iPhone after Upgrading to iOS 8

Find Missing Photos on iPhone after Upgrading to iOS 8 When you upgrade your iPhone and iPad to iOS 8 you might find that number of Photos and videos are missing. The photos and videos would still missing after you have restored your backup data on your device. The Photo app stores the photo in your iOS device. If you are not getting success in finding your […]

Guide to Download and install iOS 8 on iPhone, iPad

Guide to Download and install iOS 8 on iPhone, iPad Your iPhone or iPad whichever you have is ready to install iOS 8 since Apple has rolled out update for iOS users. iOS users have been waiting for this update since months. Earlier iOS was available only for developers. User Interface of this latest version is cool and appealing and alike with Modern UI of […]

How to Get Emails Faster on Gmail in iOS Devices

Today Google has rolled out updates for Gmail App for iOS. After this update, Gmail will work faster on iOS Devices.  The Gmail app for iOS will support background app refresh. This background app refresh will help Gmail in running faster and you will not have to wait for your email loading. Actually, after Gmail […]

5 Easy Tips to be Safe and Secure your Mobile on Internet

 Nowadays, the use of Internet via mobile is increasing at a remarkable rate everywhere. This is only because mobile is a portable device and can be brought everywhere without facing problems and frustration. Everyone knows to handle Mobile Internet in this modern time, but they might not be aware of its security and safety issues. […]

Updated Chrome for iOS 7 with New Features and Look

chrome for ios 7 With the launch of the new update of the Apple smartphone operating system iOS 7 various other apps and services have undergone updates for the new iOS version. Thus a new Chrome has been launched for both iPad and iPod with a new improved full screen experience for iPad users.With the new Chrome

Ways to Recover Lost or Theft Mobiles, Tablets and Smartphones

stolen registrar Technology is increasing day by day and with it increasing the target of crimes as well. However, technology itself could be used to fight back against the crimes. These days you can recover your stolen mobiles, iPhone, smartphones, tablets easily. You only have to be well prepared for it. Have a picture shot through your […]

5 Must Use Cydia Tweaks for iOS Devices Lockscreen

atom for ios It is a common thing among the jailbreak lovers to modify the default look of their ioS Devices. Using the Cydia, you could not only change the theme of your iPhones but you could also use the various things from widgets to tweak to make your ioS Devices look completely different as in comparison with your […]
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