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iPhone 5 Review – Features and drawbacks after 10 days of Release

iphone 5 image The iPhone 5 has been released with a bang and a bumper sale over a week. Since a week has been passed with its advent, let us look at its reviews. It had mostly positive reviews. The Good: The best feature of the iPhone 5 is the addition of all the features which were lacking […]

iPhone 5 Price in India, How to Buy here

iphone 5 image Apple iPhone 5 has been launched with spectacular public display along with the promise of best Smartphone in the world. Since launching iPhone 5 was made available in USA market. Indian market was kept on wait to get Apple iPhone 5 handset. But days of waiting come to end. Apple has made available iPhone 5 in […]

How to setup Do not Disturb App on iOS 6, Features

iphone 6 donotdisturb feature image There are many apps for iOS 6 as email app, music app, Education App. business App, Flipboard App, Camera Awesome App, and many more. A new app come in light named Do not Disturb. Here, this app’s features and Details are going to be discussed. Apple has revealed a new special feature Do not Disturb in their iOS 6 version for […]

How to jailbreak iOS 6 on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch with RedSnow

iOS6 jailbreak process Apple has provided the latest version as iOS 6 for iPhone supporting devices on 19 September 2012. This updated version conveys latest helpful features and enhancements for Apple devices ( iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch). Now iPhone Dev-team has find out tips to do jailbreak of iOS 6.0 version. It has been checked through offered dev version of […]

How to Insert Image or Video in Email App in iOS 6

iOS 6 insert photo in mail app On 19 September 2012, latest version of iOS 6 was released by Apple. It has been launched amid fresh characteristics and upgrading. Numerous previous placed default apps such as Email, Safari which has been modified with new options. Default Email app in iOS 6 seems more attractive than previous version of iOS5 or old iPhone handsets. As you […]

How to download and install iOS 6 Step by Step

 The wait for the most amazing OS in the mobile world is over as Apple has launched its latest Operating System iOS 6 for mobile devices. The features of this new OS are just speechless which makes an update from old OS to this new one really worth. Some of its awesome features are: Phone: […]

How to Set up Facebook Account with Apple iPhone iOS 6

apple iOS6 logo Apple has launched the final edition of iOS 6 Apps among their iPhone users. In this edition, few latest changes and addition of new features for default apps like maps, social sharing and iCloud has taken place. The new enhancements is especially in social sharing option in the iOS 6 app. Now you can add your Facebook account to […]

New YouTube app for iPhone and iPod Download Free

 YouTube, the great entertainer of worldwide netizens, thrills us with its complete entertainment package. Users from different  age groups are much rely on YouTube to make them entertain anytime and anywhere.  As a die-hard YouTube follower you want to stay connected with it. Nowadays, smartphone craze are enhancing rapidly. Users of smartphones like iPhone and iPod  are questioning about induction […]

Apple iOS 6 Download Links for iPhone 5 all Versions

iOS6 screen icon Apple has released  the final version of iOS 6 on 19 September 2012. It has been declared at the time of launching of the iPhone 5. Now iPhone 5 user can access with iOS 6 app also. Several  latest  characteristics and enhancements have been added in every iOS edition. The latest features contain new look up of Maps app, enhanced personal voice assistant […]

Android and iOS Apps for Music Beginners and Download link

my piano assistant app ANDROID AND iOS APPS FOR LEARNING MUSIC FOR BEGINNERS The Android and the iOS devices are best suited for any beginner’s purposes as they provide ample knowledge and practice in any field. And for music, there is no match for these apps. Even an amateur pianist can excel the instrument without the need of a […]
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