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Why people are so crazy about iPhone 5

iphone 5 image   Glimpses of much-awaited iPhone 5, developed by Apple Inc, has become evident. Wait to get smartphone like ‘iPhone 5’ is over after barring all speculation and anticipation, about launching of multi-featured iPhone 5. Apple Inc has announced, that on 12th September 2012 it will unveil the iPhone 5 globally. The Much-created hype of new-born technology […]

How to Check PNR Status with Android, iPhone App

android pnr check app As you know importance Indian Railways is growing day-to-day. It covers biggest rail network in all over India. Millions of people are travelling around India per day through Indian Railway offered trains. Gigantic crowd of passengers are in the queue for the purpose of train inquiry. In the meantime, evolution of mobiles came in place. Really it eased a […]

How setup Email Account in iPad / Configure

mail HOW TO GET STARTED WITH MAIL IN AN iPad Email Account is a fundamental need of Internet user. A system seems trifles without an Email Account, Whether it is worth Rs. 1 Lac. After purchasing a System and accessing Internet, the very first thing you think is to set up an  Email Account. If you […]

How to customize the Homescreen of an iPad

 After Staring with an iPad the next task is to customize its Home screen. Some steps are to be followed for customization of Home screen. How to use apps The apps can be launched by a single click on an iPad high-resolution multi-touch Screen. The apps can be switched, organized into folders and can be rearranged according to […]

How to Jailbreak an iPad iOS 5.11 using Absinthe 2.0

 Jailbreaking an iOS device such as an iPad is required to run all the apps. But it is not supported by Apple Operating System. Here are the steps to jailbreak an iOS device easily. These steps are applicable for only iPad’s running iOS 5.1.1 for Mac and Windows users by using Absinthe. The following steps […]

How to Get Started with an iPad

ipad photo For proper running of iPad, following requirements are needed: An internet broadband connection For online purchases and some of the features like iCloud, the App Store and iTunes Store, an Apple ID is required. For using the iPad with a computer: A Mac computer or a PC with a 2.0 Universal Serial Bus and OS […]

Apple iPad Accessories for Safe and Better Handling

iPad accessories iPad Accessories Every iPad possessor is very proud of possessing it. But, the iPad family is little incomplete without the accessories. The iPad is undoubtedly the ultimate tech machine, but these accessories make it even powerful. iPad Smart Cover: It is more than just a cover. It beautifully covers iPad. It is quite tough and durable. […]

Education and Business apps for iPad by Apple

mathboard app ipad Apple has lots to offer to young students and budding entrepreneurs. It has kept no stone unmoved in creating great apps, which help students in a very creative way, and business apps when they turn old enough to serve the world: Educational Apps Mathboard:   This is a very fun app for every elementary school […]

Best apple Apps for iPad – iPhoto, iMovie, iWork, Pages, Keynote

iphoto apps apple The world of apple has a lot to offers to each and every individual. From a professional photographer who aims to showcase the world his talent to a budding cinematographer who needs to create great HD movies to a novelist who needs a solid background to produce his works, Apple has something to offer to […]

What is jailbreaking the iPhone iOS, Why it is necessary, Types

jailbreaking JAILBREAKING THE iOS-REVIEW Jailbreaking obviously does not mean breaking into a jail to get the prisoners out. It is something else to do in the context of the iOS operating system. iOS has a lot of limitations such as it runs its own apps only. Removal of this limitation by breaking into through the use […]
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