How to Open Online Saving Bank Account in SBI

Bank Accounts can be opened through both online and offline mode. But in online method, it is very easy, comfortable and time saver. State Bank of India (SBI) has issued a new online facility for its customer for opening a saving bank account.


Interested Persons who are Indian Resident may open an account online with any branch of State Bank of India.  Joint Accounts can be also opened online for maximum three persons.

For opening saving bank account  through online  system at SBI, one should take  following steps:

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Open Online Saving Bank Account in SBI

1. Go  through the online Account opening page at the official website of SBI through the link  provided below

SBI Online Saving Bank Account opening process

2. Click on the Apply now button followed by Start Now option, A page of Application form will be displays like this:

sbi online saving account form

3. There are two sections in this application form – customer information and account information section. Fill all the relevant mandatory details with PAN and nomination in the application form and hit on ‘Proceed’ button.

Customer should read all the terms and conditions for opening an account which is written in an application form.

After filling all the required details, print this form. A Temporary Customer Reference Number (TCRN) will be made by the system which will be mentioned on the printed copy of the application.  For your kind information, I would like to note down about TCRN.

What is TCRN?

When you apply online to open an account, System (Computer) generates a number and send to you on the mobile number you have written on the Application form for confirmation purpose. This number is TCRN (Temporary Customer Reference Number). When you proceed further, you need to fill up the number to prove your identity. You should note by the customer for further use.  An SMS regarding  TCRN will be also sent to customer’s mobile number.

Enclose two recent passport size color photographs and documents related to proof of  address and identity as mentioned in an application form with this printed copy of an application and submit it at relevant branch of State Bank of India.

After submission of online application you must visit your relevant branch with all documents within maximum thirty days otherwise your information will be deleted from data of bank, and you will have to again fill the online application form for opening an account.

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29 thoughts on “How to Open Online Saving Bank Account in SBI

  1. Guruprasada sahoo says:

    i have facing aproblem how can i will be found tcrn for secoend appliciant

  2. jJitendra Singh says:

    I applied for saving account in SBI but I don’t have printout of that. So can I take it printouts again. I have TCRN and TARN numbers. Will I face any problem when I go to the selected SBI Branch without the printed documents of opening Saving Bank Account whereas TCRN & TARN is with me. I really trust SBI that its customers will never be disappointed whenever they express any type of problem & difficulty to any staff of SBI. That is why, please let me know the correct procedures for opening online SBI account for the benefit of your clients considering humble plight of mine. Thanking you so much & I am rest assured that you will surely guide me for this.

  3. it’s very simple and fast procedure for opening online account

  4. i was trying to open SBI SB account on urgently need it for daughter after filling all the information proceed button not working, now it days SBI rules very unhappy to customers, so the seek user friendly banks and fasted service providers like ICICI and other.

  5. what if we filled the form completely but forget to take the print out of the application only the tcrn is with me

  6. I applied for saving account in sbi but I don’t have printout of that so can I take it printouts again I have TCRN and TARN numbers…

  7. Sir when I filled the form there was a box for first applicant sole TCRN number. What should I fill in the box

  8. Read in this article.

  9. i dont no what is tcrn no. so tel me what is tcrn no.

  10. kajal jadav says:

    what is first TCRN sole and second TCRN plz tell me?

  11. kikkishore says:

    my proceed button is not working .. its saying enter sting code
    which I entered

  12. what it this TCRN enter sole. first/holder name or second holder name. I don’t know account type, number, name plz tell me ??


    I have not a account in sbi.I am a travel agent, My office name is MAA JANKI COMMUNICATION .

  14. How to apply for joint account through online?

  15. Is is not possible that after the TCRN generated the passbook & other related documents i e ATM card. Cheque book itc are dispatched to the customer then it will be called fully online. Otherwise it looks that the work of the SBI clerks is being done by customers itself.

  16. UID means Unique Identification i.e. Aadhar Number

  17. santosh bhosle says:


  18. Yes, off course

  19. After online application submission, should I submit document and application printout to the particular branch which I have opted to open account with?

  20. while appling for opening an account askng first sole applicant/TCRN sole? what should i will write there while writting something showing invalid TERN.plz tell me

  21. UID is Unique Identification Card means Aadhar Card.


  23. i want to remove print out my filled form using TARN ? is it possible

  24. No, there is no need to carry application print.

  25. is application print required to carry in bank with documents ????

  26. dhaval gohil says:

    what is TCRN AND TARN??????

  27. Anjana prabhakar Bidgar says:

    SBI jawla bazar

  28. When you submit the online form, TCRN will automatically be generated by SBI, It is not your concern to generate it.


    how to open online how to generate

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