How to Set VLC as Default Media Player in Windows 10

To set VLC as default media player in Windows 10 is a task most of the users prefer. Though Windows 10 has been shipped with an inbuilt music and video app but due to the attractive features of outside players, like VLC, users set it as the default player.


VLC has gained huge popularity among the music lovers because of its very wide platform of running almost all types of files, audio and video both. Well, another plus point is it is also compatible to play the discs, devices and webcams along with the files. But the new OS of Microsoft is developing in a rapid rate and thus setting any new program as a default is a new way in Windows 10. We are here with you to guide you through the steps and set VLC as default media player in Windows 10.

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How to Set VLC as Default Media Player in Windows 10

1. Unwrap the Start menu Allow Settings app to be spread on your screen.

2. Take yourself to the System group of settings.

Systemcategory of Settings app in windows 10

3. From the left half of the System, pick up Default apps.

Default apps in System category in windows 10

4. Now the other half showcases a list of settings under the heading Choose default apps. You can use VLC for both audio and video files. So, under Music player and Video player execute a click on the listed app.

Choose Default apps list

5. You can now see a list of applications that are suitable for the music and video players. You can see VLC media player is also listed there. Select it.

Set VLC as default music player in Windows 10


7. That’s all! You have successfully set VLC as default media player in Windows 10.

How to Set VLC as Default Media Player in Windows 10

On Windows 10, notwithstanding setting VLC as default for Media Player, it does not run your MP4 Videos by default. In this circumstance, all you have to do is to tweak your default settings again.

Follow these steps to make VLC default media player for MP4:

  • Again go to Default apps as given in the 3rd Step.
  • Click the link Choose Default Apps by File Type at the bottom.

choose default apps by file type link at the bottom of settings

  • Scroll down deep till your mouse pointer reaches MP4. Click MP4 and select VLC on the popup.

mp4 in file format of choose default app by file type

Executing a right click on any media player followed by a selection to play it with VLC media player is a time consuming task. When you have such a wonderful option then why to misuse your time by stretching your work? Make few clicks for once and enjoy the music instantly. Hence, appoint VLC media player as your default one and enjoy humming!!!

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