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How to disable AutoPlay in Windows 8 Step by Step

windows 8 AutoPlay image You often prompt AutoPlay pop-up dialog box automatically while insert DVD disc in Optical drive or plug a USB device in the computer. Sometimes it performs important action to display results in a short while now before you. Now Windows 8 has included auto play enhancements and it has been modified in a new style. […] Read more

How to Stop Live Tile Notifications in Windows 8

windows 8 live tile disable You are working with concentration on your PC and suddenly pop up or update notification appears in between, obviously you get disturbed and try to stop these updates. Here process of stopping live tile notification is being given step by step. So, follow these steps and stop these notifications. How to Stop Live Tile Notifications […] Read more

Steps to Delete and Disable Search History in Windows 8

windows 8 history tracker We always want to keep our computer safe and clean. For this, we delete %temp% files, recent files in regular way. It is also helpful for our privacy. I always exercise with these files and keep my system neat and clean as well as private. If anyone  want to peep into my PC, cannot succeed. To clean history and recent files in […] Read more

How to Hide Windows Explorer Ribbon permanently in Windows 8

windows 8 ribbon explorer tab A ribbon interface feature in windows 8 explorer seems amazing  Three central menus are located (File, Computer, and View) on the top side of ribbon interface. In windows 8, We find various system tool and device shortcut (for example – Access media, Map network drive, Control panel link, System Properties and many more) in ribbon interface from where we can directly […] Read more

How to Minimize Windows Explorer Ribbon in windows 8

windows 8 ribbon explorer panel showing In windows 8 , appearance of windows explorer seems absolutely different from earlier windows version ( win 7 or XP) explorer, due to Windows 8 explorer window is inbuilt new tool (Ribbon interface) in top panel. Ribbon interface of windows 8 explorer has multiple system tool shortcuts  which are used to access and perform useful system services […] Read more

How to Disable Sync Settings in Windows 8

gpedit.msc command search If we want to disable sync settings  in windows 8 then we have to follow the below given steps. How to Disable Sync Settings in Windows 8 At first, you should computer login through default administrator account. Open charm bar by pressing Windows + C shortcut and choose Apps search box in the top side. […] Read more

How to Disable Smart Screen in Windows 8 / Remove

windows 8 setting panel As you know Windows 8 adorned with unique features like Smart Screen. In fact  Smart Screen is tool which is used to identify authorized user.  Besides of it, suggestions as well as warning message has been published on computer screen during downloading unconvincing software or programme. Therefore, it seems quite useful in perspective of system security. But more protection leads use […] Read more