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PC Performance tag accumulates all the tips, tricks, tutorial, and guide that improve System speed.

How to Remove Traces of Uninstalled Programs in Registry on Windows 10

How to Remove Traces of Uninstalled Programs in Registry on Windows 10 pic 1 When you install a program or software in Windows 10, few entries take places in the hierarchical database of Registry editor but the same doesn’t move back or away when you uninstall. These traces bring forth adverse impact on the performance of a system. There is a very easy method that lets you Remove Traces […]

How to Improve Windows 10 Performance Successfully

How to Improve Windows 10 Performance Successfully image 9 Improve Windows 10 Performance is a very common topic for PC users. When your computer slows down for certain reasons you search the Things to do to Make Windows 10 PC Fast. Windows 10 is a highly configurable operating system and often encounters issues. So, in this guide, you will find a series of tips

How to Make Windows 10 PC Fast for Gaming

Desktop context menu NVIDIA Control Panel Being an avid gamer, you always want to improve your Windows 10 PC performance. Being a features laden OS Windows 10 Contains DX 12 which is substantially faster than its predecessors and presents an ideal environment for gaming. Few easy customization and carefulness can make your Windows 10 PC blaze faster to enhance your

Things to do to Make Windows 10 PC Fast – User Guide

disable option on right click context menu of fax in device manager The first thought of Windows 10 on your mind will certainly be its speed. Though you are enjoying the good performance of the latest operating system but still, you prefer to make it better. There are certain tweaks and customizations in Windows 10 when applied will Make Windows 10 PC Fast. This tutorial consists

Guide to Make Windows 8 and 8.1 Computer Super Fast

Guide to Make Windows 8 and 8.1 Computer Super Fast Does Your windows 8 or 8.1 computer slow down. Do you want to make your system faster? If yes, then this post will help you to make your computer super fast and help you to improve your system’s performance. You only have to change few settings of windows animation, unusable programs and services. Please

How to Know Memory Space used by Apps On Window 8.1 PC

How to Know Memory Space used by Apps On Window 8.1 PC If you have installed so many apps on your windows 8.1 PC that you memory of your PC is quickly out of room then you should check which app is using more memory Space. It might especially be the case you are using a windows 8.1 tab. There is an easy process to know

Tips to get faster access in windows 8

 Now, when you are going to buy a new PC or a laptop, chances are that you are going for Windows 8 and getting accustomed to it for the first time is a bit difficult. Microsoft has not included a tutorial for Windows 8 so a bit of research has to be done by

How to Speed Up and Optimize Your Windows 8 PC or Laptop

windows 8 logo Arrival of ‘Windows 8’ tempts users to optimize their devices on latest operating version.  Windows 8 comes with many built-in applications including metro style interface. It functions equally well on each of Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone devices. In most common cases, older systems optimized to Windows 8 could not function effectively. Such happenings

How to decrease load time of Windows 8 Apps

 Windows 8 apps functions only in Windows 8 App Launcher. It takes a bit longer time to load on Windows 8 desktop. Such longer Apps loading time prompt users to go with the convenient method that decrease loading time on Windows 8 Desktop and speed up. If you are facing same fate and asking

How to Speed Up Windows 8 Step by Step

disable startup items in windows 8 task manager The official version of Windows 8 is present with a lot of wonderful features for instance – disappearing start menu, modern task manager, fresh performance tools etc. A Windows Store is available to install each type of ideal app either paid or freeware. In the context I have explained numerous significant apps and its experiences
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