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RedStone Preview Build 11082 for Windows 10 Insider Facts

Windows 10 Insider Preview Redstone Build For the first time, the Redstone Development Branch (RS1) initiated a Build 11082 for the Fast Ring holders of Windows Insider in Windows 10. For the time being you will not observe thrilling features as Redstone will push the huge update for public in the coming year. RedStone Preview Build 11082 for Windows 10

Significant in Windows 10 Update Threshold 2

The much expected and significant Windows 10 update is out this November. Also, nicknamed as Threshold 2, this update brings infinite changes that happened to be covered up the fixes, advanced performances along with some clear and obvious features. Considered as an important update, it also holds some vital changes that are deeply hidden.

How to Check Whether your PC is Compatible with Windows 10

No issues found in Windows 10 compatibility report Have you ever checked whether your PC is compatible for Windows 10 after Microsoft promulgated about the upgrade of your Win 7 or 8.1 computers to Windows 10 without going through any monetary terms. If you have not checked yet now, we present you this article with the help of which you can Check

What is in Windows 10 Build 10049 Rather than 10041

Project spartan logo If you are waiting to test the fresh Windows 10 TP build then you should stop and ready to use 10049 on your PC. Microsoft has released the latest build and the welcoming build no. is 10049. In fact, the Setup files are very genuine. You are free to use these ISO files for

Exploring New in Windows 10 Build 10036 Start Menu

start menu on windows 10 build 10036 Exploring new features in the operating system is the best way of Microsoft to launch another build of Windows 10 – 10036. The rumors say the build is leaked into the web with lots of bugs. So, for the time being we are not presenting you any link of the new build here. Coming back

Windows 10 – Know About All New Features – Xbox Live, Cortana, Spartan

Windows-10-Project-Spartan-Browser The mostly awaited Windows 10 has been released by Microsoft on 21st January, 2015. The CEO of Microsoft, Mr. Satya Nadella had spoken about the new and interesting features of Windows 10 with a hope that it is their “ambition and aspiration for Windows and its impact on the world”. The perception of new

Windows 10 – Answers of the Questions you can’t Ignore

Windows 10 - Answers of the Questions you can't Ignore You are already familiar with the Windows 8/8.1 operating system. It attracts the users mostly due to its imaging features. In the midway, Windows 10 has been launched by the Microsoft. Windows 10 has really fantastic features. There might be few burning questions arise in your mind about the Windows 10. So we

Windows 10 – Start Menu Returns, Task View, Multi Desktop Enter

win 10 App_Commands (1) Microsoft has named the next version of Windows as Windows 10 instead of Window 9. The tech giant is organizing a meeting in which reveals the name of the latest version of its Operating System and features. Many of tech blogs and websites have rumored the Windows 9 and its features and many more

What Windows 9 Latest Leaked Videos and Screenshots Hint

 Microsoft is going to release preview version of Windows 9 on Sept 30 as some authoritative websites expect. A German site Winfuture has uploaded few Leaked videos of Windows 9 on YouTube and screenshots on its webpage. These videos and screenshots hint about some notable changing and advancement in the latest upcoming version.It

What is New in Windows 8.1 Update Coming on April 8

What is New in Windows 8.1Update Upcoming on April 8 Windows 8.1 new update is coming on 8 April 2014. Windows 8.1 users who run Laptop or PC with mouse and keyboard will have great news on that day as Microsoft is updating the Windows 8.1 features in their favor. Windows 8 Touchscreen friendliness procreate many detractors, but this new update will be enough
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