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Windows Stop Codes

Windows Stop Codes provides the Windows 10, 8 issues showing different error messages with codes.

How to Fix 0xc1900101 0x20004 Windows 10 “The installation failed”

0xc1900101 0x20004 Pic 1 Error 0xc1900101 0x20004 is a crappy error which occurs when the user attempts to upgrade their existing Windows versions into Windows 10. The users are experiencing this error when the installation process goes to 25% of the whole process. Generally, the system copies the installed files to the destination partition at this

How to Fix 0x8024a105 Windows 10 Error During Updates Installation

0x8024a105 Windows 10 image 5 Updating your Windows 10 is a good step to take, but some errors might disrupt your day. One error you may encounter is 0x8024a105 that stops the Windows Update processing. Each time you click on Check for updates the issue re-appears with Retry button instantly. Here we will present few methods that

Fix: Error Status 0xc00012f in Windows 10 Bad image

Error Status 0xc00012f in windows 10 Bad image pic 3 Windows 10 users experience Error Status 0xc00012f Windows 10 often on their computers. This type of errors is really bothersome and annoying because when you try to dismiss it by pressing OK, it appears again. Generally, the problem happens when you attempt to check for updates, it starts to download and later

Fix: Event ID 10016 DistributedCOM Windows 10 Error

Event ID 10016 DistributedCOM Windows 10 Error Image 2 Event ID 10016 DistributedCOM Windows 10 Error is one of the most notorious issues that users confront in the System log. This error triggers when certain processes do not contain permissions to the DCOM components that are mentioned in the event logs. It restricts the computer to run flawlessly which eventually

Fix: Error Code 0x80072f76 0x20017 in Windows 10

Error Code 0x80072f76 0x20017 Pic 1 Did you also confront with an Error Code 0x80072f76 0x20017 after running Media Creation Tool in Windows 10? For many, this issue of MCT continues to occur every time they try to use it. Some reports that they were able to use the tool previously on the same PC but now they

Fix: 0x80244010 Exceeded Max Server Round Trips Error in Windows 10

0x80244010 Exceeded Max Server Round Trips Pic 1 Some users confront with “0x80244010” Exceeded Max Server Round Trips Error while they make an attempt to update Windows 10 OS. This particular error happens to appear when you have surpassed the number of trips that are actually permitted to a WSUS server. Cause of the error –  A trip to the

Fix: Feature Update to Windows 10 Version 1709 Error 0x80d02002

Feature Update to Windows 10 Version 1709 Error 0x80d02002 image 3 Do you encounter Feature Update to Windows 10 Version 1709 Error 0x80d02002? The main Possible causes of this issue are corruption of update cache, driver software, incompatibility of an application installed on your computer. You will find here the promising fix for the problem whether any reason affects it. Multiple people are

How to Fix 0xc004f034 Windows 10 Activation Error

0xc004f034 Windows 10 Activation Error Picture 1 Microsoft claims Windows 10 to be the best OS but numerous users encounter issues in the activation procedure only. When upgrading from Windows 7/8/8.1, the copy of Windows should be legitimate and also gets activated by itself. However, few of them confront 0xc004f034 Windows 10 Activation Error and thus are unable to

How to Fix APC_INDEX_MISMATCH with BSOD in Windows 10

APC_INDEX_MISMATCH with BSOD Image 1 Did you ever confront with an error APC_INDEX_MISMATCH with BSOD and a stop code 0x00000001 on Windows 10 PC? If you get to see this issue on your PC, then the culprit is the faulty, corrupted or damaged device drivers. For many, this problem is also related to graphics card. Though the
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