101 Windows 10 Secret Tips, Tricks and Hacks

76. To create a Recovery Disk

To create a Recovery Disk drive in Windows 10,

  • Plug in a USB drive and go to Start => Settings
  • Now search by typing “recovery” in the “Find a setting” box.
  • Select “Create a recovery drive” option to launch a wizard for wiping up the connected USB drive.

This will transform the drive into a recovery drive.

77. To obtain a Battery Report

To get a timely battery consumption report, open the Command prompt (type cmd in search and hit Enter). Now type in the following command:

Powercfg-energy-output C:\report.html

Press Enter. This will analyze the overall battery consumption and will show you a report on what has been taking how much of the battery power for successful operation.

78. Re Edit and Share pictures

Use the inbuilt photos app to fix the maximum of the errors related to pictures and all. You can also straighten, sharpen or add effects to the images or can even apply filters to them. Photos app is also utilized to share images with friends and family on social media or any other platform.

79. Recording an on-screen video

Use Windows 10 Game DVR function to record video of anything running on your screen. How?

  • Simply press Windows key + G to launch the game bar containing a record button over it.
  • Press the record button and all the onscreen events will be captured by this tool.
  • The recorded videos are saved under Video => Capture folder.

Recording takes a lot of battery and thus might make the system slow also.

80. To enable features in the Command Prompt

The new Windows 10 Command prompt accepts you apply Ctrl + C or Ctrl + V to copy and paste commands into the command prompt. To activate this:

  • Open the Command prompt,
  • Right click the title bar,
  • Go to the “Edit Options” and enable the feature from there.

81. Transfer photos from your phones

You can even transfer photos from your smartphone to the PC within a few clicks.

  • Just plug in your phone to the system using a regular USB cable.

This will pop up a small window on your screen and would ask you for a certain action. 

  • Click “Import photos and videos into the Photos app” option to transfer all the photos from phone to the system running Windows 10.

82. Distraction free view in Edge

You can now read web pages in Edge without any distraction. You can also switch between these web pages by:

  • Pressing Ctrl + Shift + R (through keyboard),


  • Clicking the reading View icon from the screen.

Note: To configure this view, go to the Settings and move to the Reading section. Make changes as required.

83. Mount ISO images

You can also mount ISO images in Windows 10. How?

  • without any late right click on any ISO image file and click “Mount”.

These are mounted as vertical discs which you can access anytime from the File Explorer.

84. Mail gestures

You can enable gestures for doing various tasks in Windows 10.

  • Simply click on the Settings (App’s) and go to its “Options” section.
  • Enable the Swipe and gesture actions from there.
  • Define the gestures yourself from the menu and click OK.

85. Power User Menu

You can easily find Power user options in the Start menu by clicking Windows key + X shortcut. This is quite easy as now the Start Menu doesn’t have Control panel but it has Power user menu from Windows 8

86. Saving as PDF

You can save documents as PDF without needing any third-party installations. Both modern and traditional apps now serve this facility. They have this feature in their standard printing options.

87. To manage contacts

Windows 10 lets you save contacts along with their Gmail addresses and other details. Using this, you can have a map view of the address you fed into People App of this OS. Also, you can even compose an email to the contact without looking for their Gmail ID in person.

Advanced Windows 10 secret tips, tricks and hacks

88. Enabling the Administrator account

Windows 10 keeps confidential the built-in administrator account from its users. To see it,

  • launch the command prompt using administrator privilege and type the following piece command:

Net user administrator/ active: yes

  • Press Enter.
  • Now shut the command prompt and you’ll see the newly added “Administrator account” on the login screen.

89. Modify the Windows Update Policy

Get access to Registry Editor with the help of below link and expand the keys in sequence –


  • Create a new key (right-click and choose NEW => Key) in the respective right-pane and provide a name it as “WindowsUpdate”.
  • Now create another key named “AU”.
  • In this, create a new DWORD named “AUOptions” and set its value to 2.
  • Now, go to the Windows Update and click “Check for Updates” to apply all the changes.


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