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Fix: BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER Error BSOD in Windows 10

BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER Error BSOD in Windows 10 Pic 1 Solutions to BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER here will guide you to fix the BSOD issue. The has bug check value of this Blue screen of death error is 0x000000FE. The code is self-explanatory and indicates that USB driver is the cause of the problem. Moreover, the fatal generally occurs because of bug in certain system driver file such […]

Fix: “Windows Update Error 8024402c” in Windows 10

Windows Update Error 8024402c in Windows 10 Photo 1 Error 8024402c while receiving Windows Update is quite a common issue for Windows 10 users. The problem highlights an inability to search and find any new updates. One of the most generic causes for the error is inconsistency in the network settings. Also, incompatibility of DNS address with the Servers of Microsoft can lead to […]

Fix: INVALID_IO_BOOST_STATE Error BSOD in Windows 10

INVALID_IO_BOOST_STATE Error BSOD in Windows 10 Photos 1 Workarounds for INVALID_IO_BOOST_STATE Error here will guide you to fix this Blue Screen of Death issue easily. The BSOD having bugcheck value 0x0000013C leads the system to frequent restart. This error comes under fatal Windows 10 issues and there can be more than one cause behind it. Problem with drivers is one of the major […]


KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE BSOD Windows 10 Pic 1 You’re here, so we’re assuming you ran into that horrible KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE blue screen situation. Well, you’re at the right place. This BSOD issue could be caused by a range of activities, and computer components. However, the main cause of this situation is corrupted data structure, virus attack, low disk space, memory problems, and more. Some […]

How to Translate Texts in OneNote Windows 10

How to translate texts in OneNote Windows 10 image 1 OneNote lets you translate selected text and page to different languages in Windows 10. Microsoft adds real time translator for all the built-in apps and products This OneNote feature supports all the languages works for selection and page. Moreover, you can insert the translated section to the note-taking app page. OneNote allows you to organize […]