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The Butterfly Windows 10 Theme [Download]

The Butterfly Windows 10 Theme [Download] Image 1 The Butterfly Windows 10 theme is a collection of 20 delightful desktop backgrounds available in the Microsoft Store. You may enjoy the meek beauty of nature on the computer screen with the wallpaper having the pics of flit, feed, and hatch. This beautiful Windows 10 theme contains a various color of butterfly images like blue, […]

Fix: OOBE Error in Windows 10

OOBE Error in Windows 10 Pic 1 In this article, you can learn about OOBE error in Windows 10. OOBE is a new feature whose acronym is Out-of-box experience and it involves guided set up and introduction to the functioning of the OS. It basically eases to use when you make an attempt to set up a new device. Thus it is safe to […]

Seeing Red Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Seeing Red Windows 10 Theme Image 2 Seeing Red Windows 10 theme is a collection of 15 adorable images having this color in Microsoft Store. The desktop wallpapers welcome the valentines week with lovely pics on your screen. This beautiful Valentine themes for windows 10 includes cars, candles, cranberries, and many daily-life items; all colored in shades of red. The app weighs […]

KB4481483 Security Only updates for .NET Framework Jan 8, 2019

KB4481483 The Redmond rolled out January updates including KB4481483. This security patch is applicable to Microsoft .NET Framework “4.7.2”, “4.7.1”, “4.7”, “4.6.2”, “4.6.1”, “4.6”, “4.5.2” and “3.5” available on every version of Windows Server 2012 as well. You will automatically receive the Security only patch unless you haven’t disabled or paused the automatic Windows update. Moreover, […]