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Keep Browser Fast with Third Party Extensions and Add-ons

download Browsers are used to browse the websites. There are many browsers present in the market. So, every Web browser comes with optional updates and enhancements commonly known as add-ons, plug-ins and Extensions. These add-ons and plug-ins support browser to run  news or instant messaging, weather alerts, email alerts, anti-virus/anti-spyware managers, or games. Certain

Group Users may Choose Seafile as Private Cloud Storage

seafile In SEA, SEA stands for Self-expanding archive. Seafile is a fog up service that helps you to create and also share a personal cloud catalog of data files with close friends or office mates. The files which are obtained get synchronized for all users and can also be updated. If an individual person wants to make changes and […]

Now use Google keep with Newly Launched Chrome App

phpnmp1kv Early users of Google Keep, the company’s very basic note-taking app, will be happy to hear that Google just released a Chrome app for the tool. Google has released the Google Keep note over a month ago, and now recently it has launched a new Google Keep for Chrome application. Here is a new

How to downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7

downgrade Due to  various reasons, some businesses /client are looking to downgrade from Windows 8  pro to the lower version Windows 7 professional. Microsoft has provided with business licenses that come with downgrade rights, but make a note of it is that the rules can be tricky and compliance that could become an issue. There

Best Apps to Learn to Use Windows 8

windows 8 handbook Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8, is still a new release for many users. Microsoft amazed to its users by User Interface (UI), making it very different from the format that many PC users are used to. Computer Manufacturers like HP has published built-in tutorials and helped users to get familiar into the Windows

Best 5 Free Apps to Control Games on Windows with Android Phone

monect Using Android Phone, Your PC can be controlled with windows by making your android device act like Mouse, Keyboard or even joystick. You might be thinking why to do these. Well, it is exciting to control computer using Android Device  mostly for playing games. The best part is playing game using these amazing apps by converting your […]