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How to Activate Internet Banking in Corporation Bank

Here, in this article, we will learn on How to activate Internet Banking in Corporation Bank. If you are a customer of Corporation Bank, you can avail all the benefits of internet banking just by submitting an online application for the same in the branch where you have opened your bank account. If you have […]

How to Open Developer Mode in Windows 10 Step by Step

radio box to open developer mode in windows 10 Windows 10 is full of attractive features whether it is related to Start Menu/ Start Screen problem or searching for different software out there in the search bar. One of the best things about Windows 10 is that it includes useful tools and utilities not just for regular users, but also power-users and developers.

How to See Update History in Windows 10

see update history on windows 10 Windows 10 is considered to be one of the best and secure OS among all the versions. There are so many system updates which keep on taking place internally and help you in potentializing your system to keep it safe and secure. Windows 10 also receives its updates pushed by “Microsoft”. It happens so

How to Boost Battery Life on Android by 50%

battery doctor logo Battery Doctor is an absolutely free Android/ iOS apps for smartphones. This app can Boost Battery Life on Android by 50% by finding and closing those apps which are sucking the power on your device very fast. This app supports 27 languages which is unique in itself. This app also provides you a detailed picture of where your […]

Top 10 Hotspot Network Creators For Windows 10

connectify_hotspot user interface Here in this article, we will learn about different Hotspot creator software for Windows 10. It happens most of the time that we need internet connectivity on your mobile or Tablets temporarily. In these scenarios, having access to some WiFi hotspot is the best option to get the connection in a simple way. However

How to Add or Cancel your Windows 10 Reservation

windows 10 reservation Windows 10 reservation is an app which lets you reserve Windows 10 for free. The reservation process is simple and this has been brought up intentionally as Microsoft wants to bring as many windows users to Windows 10 as soon as possible. Actually, what Microsoft wants is to reach 1 billion figures so that