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Gears of War – Mad World Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Gears of War - Mad World Windows 10 Theme Gears of War – Mad World Windows 10 Theme is available now in Microsoft Store with 20 high resolution images. Feel the never-ending thrill of this war game even when it’s over in the desktop. Mad World has taken the gaming stuff to a whole new level in terms of background score, super emotional story […]


WHEA_INTERNAL_ERROR BSOD in Windows 10 Pic 1 BSOD WHEA_INTERNAL_ERROR indicates a mishappening in the Windows Hardware Error Architecture (WHEA). The issue is mostly caused by a bug in the implementation of a “Platform-Specific Hardware Error Driver” (PSHED) plug-in supplied by a vendor. Having bugcheck value 0x00000122 the message on Blues screen appears up while opening or closing a program. WHEA INTERNAL ERROR […]

Stranger Things 3 Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Stranger Things 3 Windows 10 Theme Pic 2 The Store has got the latest Stranger Things 3 Windows 10 Theme couple of days back. Netflix has also released the new season of most adventurous series with the same name. Don’t cut loose your excitement and adorn the desktop with exciting images from the TV serial. You can easily bring the Strange Summer of […]

Windows Throwback Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Windows Throwback Windows 10 Theme Windows Throwback brand new theme is waiting in Store to decorate your desktop. Remember the earlier Windows days of 1985! Those old school time, the first year for the Operating System. Microsoft brings you a chance to travel back to past with 10 completely bodacious and premium 4k images. Don’t miss out this golden opportunity […]

Fix: REFS_FILE_SYSTEM Error BSOD Windows 10

REFS_FILE_SYSTEM Solutions to REFS_FILE_SYSTEM here will guide you to fix this Blue Screen of Death issue in Windows 10. This BSOD problem with bug check value 0x00000149 indicates an error that occurs in the File System. You will experience irregular flashing on display in your system when this trouble comes on your computer. In addition, freezing […]


SMB_REDIRECTOR_LIVEDUMP image 1 SMB_REDIRECTOR_LIVEDUMP in Windows 10 is a stop code that may appear on your screen all of a sudden. Having bug check value of 0x000001A7, this issue indicates that SMB redirector has detected a problem and has captured a kernel dump to collect debug information. Also, the Windows freezes and stops responding along with a bunch […]


NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE Here, you will find Workarounds to fix NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE BSOD Windows 10. Basically, this Blue Screen Of Death indicates the occurrence of a hardware malfunction. When a device is diagnosed with the error, it will have a blue screen with random flashing. The Desktop might freeze and hang multiple times making it inaccessible to work along. […]


MSRPC_STATE_VIOLATION BSOD Error Windows 10 Pic 1 This article has some striking solutions to MSRPC_STATE_VIOLATION in Windows 10. The notorious BSOD results in irregular freezing of desktop along with a repeated automatic reboot of the affected device. Moreover, it occurs usually at the time of starting a program or running in real-time. With a bug check value of 0x00000112, it indicates the […]

Fix: EXFAT_FILE_SYSTEM Error BSOD Windows 10

EXFAT_FILE_SYSTEM Error BSOD Windows 10 Photos 1 Did you too get EXFAT_FILE_SYSTEM Error with a bug check value of 0x0000012C in Windows 10 PC? If so, then you are in the right place as this article will include all the possible workarounds to deal with annoying BSOD error. This specific error code represents that there is something wrong with the exFAT file […]


CPI_FIRMWARE_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT image 1 Here, you will get the resources to fix CPI_FIRMWARE_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT in Windows 10. As for identification purpose, the bug check value for this specific issue is 0x000001D0. It indicates that ntfs.sys driver file is experiencing something abnormal and making the system unable to read and write NTFS drives. This type of Blue Screen of Death problem […]