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Eradicate Crapware by using The PC Decrapifier from Computer

Eradicate Crapware by using PC Decrapifier from Computer Crapware are software pre-installed with a new PC or other Software package. It consists Low quality utilities , games, toolbars, and other useless software. It is also known as bundleware, shovelware, bloatware but the alternate spelling is Crapware. These low quality and waste programs worth removing from your PC as quick as possible to improve

How to be Safe and Private when Chat on 2go App

 2go is a mobile messenger and the millions of registered users are using it. It is just like a social network and free of cost for every mobile version.With this app, you can chat with friends or family, share pictures or videos. Here we are showing that how can you Chat with friends or family […]

How To Set up Google Glass Video Calling

set up google glass video calling Google glass came with bunch of exclusive features. Video Calling is the important one in these. Video Calling facilitates you share life experience with anyone through air in all over world. It helps you to see that person who have activated video calling and connected with you at the same time means you will see them […]

How To Send and Receive Messages and Emails on Google Glass

google glass send email Google Glass has lots of features as Bluetooth, WiFi, Video Calling, Messaging is one of them. By using Messaging feature you could send and receive your messages and emails.  Google glass is very helpful for the users because it surpasses Phone and PC in sending emails and SMS. On PC or Phones, you have to type message to […]