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Bridges in Autumn Theme for Windows 10 [Download]

Bridges in Autumn Theme for Windows 10 Pic 2 The collection of Bridges in Autumn Theme for Windows 10 has a total of 13 high-quality pictures. Not to mention that these images are meant to be used as only a Desktop Wallpaper. Microsoft Corporation released this beautiful theme in October month of last year. In such a short span of time, it has secured […]

Fix: Brightness Slider Not Working in Windows 10

Brightness Slider Not Working Pic 1 The Windows 10 operating system provides you with the option to adjust the brightness of the screen to make the content more comfortable to view. If you are using a laptop which is unplugged, then a lower brightness will help you to preserve battery for a longer time. Unfortunately, many users encounter an issue of […]

Fix: WsusUtil.exe in Windows 10

WsusUtil.exe in Windows 10 Image 1 In this article, we will discuss all the potential workarounds to fix the errors related to WsusUtil.exe in Windows 10. EXE files are certainly one of the general means of malware or virus distribution and Wsusutil.exe files are no exception. So, viruses can be one major reason for such errors. Moreover, corrupted files, outdated drivers can […]

How to Completely Disable Quick Heal Antivirus

Completely Disable Quick Heal Antivirus Photos 2 You may want to Completely Disable Quick Heal Antivirus from your system for various reasons. It is a security program that protects the PC from malware or virus attacks. Moreover, it also blocks different websites that can infect the system. So, if you have installed this software and now prefers to do away with it, we […]

How to Disable and Fix Wsqmcons.exe in Windows 10

Wsqmcons.exe in Windows 10 Pic 2 WSQMCons.exe in Windows 10 is an executable (in short .exe) file which is basically considered as the Windows Software Quality Management Consolidator. This Windows SQM Consolidator accumulates moreover send usage data to Microsoft. The team utilizes this info to improve the quality of the products which the customers often use and to fix any kind […]

Fix: Blue Screen Error Code 80004001 in Windows 10

Fix Error Code 80004001 in Windows 10 Pic 5 Did you also encounter Blue Screen Error Code 80004001 in Windows 10? There are various reasons behind this BSOD such as sudden power failure of the system, faulty driver, corrupted system files and more. Sometimes, presence third-party antivirus software, recently installed program or additional hardware can also lead to this issue. Normally, these type of error […]

How to Enable Wayland Support on Firefox

Enable Wayland Support on Firefox Pic 2 Mozilla bags another achievement as its Nightly version ultimately holds the ability to Enable Wayland Support on Firefox. Wayland is a more secure replacement for the X11 display server which eliminates the set of technical issues that X11 had. Previously you had to manually build Firefox with Wayland but now things are different. However, being experimental, this […]

KB4467708 for Windows 10 Version 1809 Build 17763.134

KB4467708 KB4467708 for Windows 10 Version 1809 was recently rolled out by Microsoft for Build 17763.134. This cumulative update does not introduce any new features but definitely carries certain significant fixes and updates. It resolves the issues of Microsoft Account, on-screen keyboard, file system access. The good thing about this patch is that it contains updates […]

KB4467702 for Windows 10 Version 1803 Build 17134.407

KB4467702 for Windows 10 Version 1803 Build 17134.407 Image 1 Microsoft has rolled out multiple cumulative updates including KB4467702 for Windows 10 1803 Build 17134.407. This patch does not contain any new features for the operating system but provides important updates and fixes. Furthermore, this release also incorporates updates for Microsoft HoloLens which was released on November 13, 2018. You can download KB4467702 either directly through Windows Update […]