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Truecaller Android App to Block Unwanted Calls with New Features

Truecaller Android App to Block Unwanted Calls with New Features For the Android users, Truecaller should be a very interesting and useful app. Truecaller is the largest collaborative phone directory present in the world. Thus, it helps an individual to get in touch with a lot of people around the world. Along with that Truecaller Android App also protects you from unidentified missed calls. It instantly recognizes the caller […]

Transfer your Money using PayPal Account on Android

Transfer your Money using PayPal Account on Android For online money transfer PayPal is a reputed name in all over world. Mass number of people are sending and receiving through their Account. Now an android app is launched so that they may use PayPal through Android Phones. The updated version of the Android app for PayPal is available on the Google app store […]

Important Tips for New WordPress users

Important Tips for New WordPress users Creating and running a website is quite common these days. Website management has developed into a neat profession. And when we talk of website hosting platforms the first name that comes in our mind is the WordPress. So if you have installed the WordPress there are certain things that are to be kept in mind […]

How to Place YouTube videos as Background for Website

 All of us who own a website, usually keep a beautiful picture as the background for a page. Some other interesting options could be placing some moving images at the back or a short animation/video clip, which could provide a richer experience. Bing homepage often uses video clips as it’s background. You can do the […]

Security Tips for WordPress Blog Owners

Those who own and run a WordPress blog are aware of the dangers associated with the security of such websites. A skilled hacker can manage to sweep your website completely off the web. This can cost you months of traffic, earnings and can also seriously affect your site’s overall performance. So there are certain cautionary […]

How to Print Files with Smartphone using Dropbox

 All our important documents are spread all over the digital media that we use in our daily life. It so happens that we need to obtain these documents in the print form for any official use. This article tells about an app called Dropbox that helps you print your document irrespective of the fact whether […]

Online Shopping Basic Tips to Save Money

Online Shopping Basic Tips to Save Money The online shopping trend has taken a rise in India. With a number of online shopping portals to choose from, the customer is never short of options. In fact online shopping offers even more attractive discounts when compared to the local stores. Yet there are a few basic tips that would help you save your […]