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Samsung Galaxy NOTE 2 Review

samsung galaxy note 2 Samsung’s initial NOTE smartphone had introduced in the market a new range of cellular species, what is interestingly known as a PHABLET. PHABLET may not be as massive as a tablet, but it is, for sure, larger than a smartphone within its price range in the market. The NOTE II is a fantastic addition to […]

How to install a portable application on your pendrive?

pendrive Pen drives are perhaps the smartest way developed yet, for transporting data. The sheer robustness accompanied with the small size of this storage device has made our PC experience comfortable like never before. For those,who think of the pen drive as nothing more than a data storage and travelling medium, the present article

How to share a large file on Twitter with Twileshare

 The immensely popular social networking site Twitter has currently 500 million users and is the second largest social networking site in the world wide web. On a site as Twitter, there’s no limit to the number of ways you can share your likes, dislikes, experiences with others….But….within a limit of 140 characters? Not really Friends! […]