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Android Apps for Educational Interest of Kids by Dev IT

 Educational Mobile Application for Android Mobile Application Launched For your kids Do you know which subject interests your kid? What your child really wants to be in the future? Which is the thing which attracts your child the most? Are you curious to know about it…? Dev IT Solution has launched a high quality product […]

How To Activate Net Banking In Bank of India

bank of india net banking Bank of India was established on 7 September 1906 and nationalized on 19 July 1962 in the first phase of nationalization. Headquarter of this bank is in Mumbai. It has 65.86% share of the RBI and more than 3101 branches in India as well as in abroad. It provides us a lot of facilities such […]

How to Create Change and Recover windows 7 Password

windows 7 password change Windows 7 is one of the most popular operating system since now. It was developed by Microsoft Corporation as the next version after windows XP. Nowadays it becomes more popular operating system (OS) than earlier versions. Password is the most basic function to keep your system secure. Password prohibits another person from using your

How To download YouTube videos via Google Chrome

chrome A large number of internet users uses Google Chrome as browser. If they want to download YouTube Video, they have to go for a third party downloader software or website, whether it is Keepvid, Savevid, YouTube Downloader or any other. But Now an application is prepared by a third party website and can be installed

Download and Install Windows 8 in 6 Easy Steps

 Windows 8 is the most advanced operating system in Windows version by Microsoft. People who want to download and install windows 8 have to pass through some processes. Here, I  am giving 6 steps to download and install windows 8. These steps will ease your installation. So follow: Related Post: Windows 8 setup, ISO

How To Activate Net Banking In UCO Bank

Activate Net Banking In UCO Bank How To Activate Net Banking In UCO Bank – Banks are the financial institution which deals with the transaction of money. Nowadays, we are so busy that we don’t have enough time to do our work at a normal pace. In this scenario, No one has enough time to go to shops for shopping, mobile […]

How to activate Net Banking in ING Vysya

ING Vysya In modern days, where everything has gone online, whether it is socializing, shopping, marketing or even banking. These days Internet banking has become a new way to secure your money, deposit, withdrawal or any other kind of bank formalities. Because of this Internet Banking, everything has become so easy that you don’t need to go anywhere physically […]