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Site Error Breakdown in Google Webmaster, How it will affect SEO

 Google has announced to add new feature in webmaster so that server error (DNS, Server Connectivity and and robot.txt) error would be categorized. Since server error comprises of different types of error concerned to server and it affects site health in different ways. Now it will be specialized by Google, and as result it can be traced […]

How to create Wifi connection (Ad hoc mode) in Windows XP

1-WIFI-Properties 3 Wi-Fi  refers to “Wireless Fidelity”. It is the best option of networking standard for setting up wireless LAN connection in an alike home network. Wi-Fi is built upon the basis of IEEE 802.11 a/b/g and n standard version. It is basically implemented in star topology network with the use of Wireless adapter or Router that allows data transfer, Internet […]

How to Connect Idea Net setter to Computer or Laptop

 Idea Net setter is one of the most useful internet accessing modem. It is the cheapest one as well as catches network in far-flung and rural areas. These days it is available unlocked and Internet users may use it with any SIM whether it is Idea, Airtel, Reliance, Smart, Uninor, Stel or MTS. After buying idea net setter, […]

How to add analytics to wordpress blog / site

sign up in analytivcs Google Analytics is a must tool for a websites. Website’s data like number of visits, Time period spent by visitors on website, Bounce rate, and many calculations help in developing a blog and lifting it on height of the goal, you set. Besides it, you can know how many visitors are active on it at […]

How to Pay Electricity Bill Online in Bihar

fill up amout for bill payment in sbpdcl In Bihar to pay electricity bill was really a tough ask for people. But, it is now a past story. Now simply open browser and type https://sbpdcl.co.in/(S(bsvk2wcrqetjnqxpcw44fezj))/frmQuickBillPaymentAll.aspx for South Bihar Consumers or https://nbpdcl.co.in/(S(gnq1wi1f3ms1kejynr0qnilg))/frmQuickBillPaymentAll.aspx for North Bihar Consumers on URL address bar of web browser and then after click View and Pay Electricity Bill. Remember here Online Payment […]

How to download YouTube videos to Computer

paste url to start downloading youtube videos with fdm Download YouTube video to Computer – YouTube is a worldwide popular video sharing website, where anyone may view, search, upload every type of video footage or clips related to movies (Hollywood, Bollywood), songs, Education, Lifestyle, Technology, Religion, Politics, News, Games etc. This website has been created for users to watch and search online videos. Sometimes […]