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How to Download Yolo Snapchat Android App - Image 1

How to Download Yolo Snapchat Android App

Yolo Snapchat Android App, unveiled by Popshow inc, empowers you to ask anonymous questions from your Snapchat’s friends. This App was developed by Gregoire Henrion and it becomes worldwide famous within a few days. This trending application allows posting a graphic which would let other Snapchat users send them an unidentified message. It is clearly […]
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How to Remove http// on Android

We received multiple requests inquiring ways to Remove http// on Android. This problem occurs after you recharge with an Airtel data pack. The above URL automatic loads on browser and doesn’t remove even after you refresh or click “Dismiss Alert”. As a result, you can’t surf the web independently because the loaded webpage allows browsing […]
Samsung Galaxy M40 Image 1

Samsung Galaxy M40 Android Phone Price and All Features

Samsung Galaxy M40 is a mid-range phone with some improvised features and possibly better performance. While much of the specs and attributes of this phone in Galaxy M series may be quite similar to that of its predecessor, Galaxy M20, M30, M40 seems to be better in certain aspects. Loaded with lots of features such […]
Use XVID Codec on Android Image 1

How to Use XVID Codec on Android

When Getting troubled about how to use XVID codec on Android, this article will help you out with exactly that. XVID is one of the regularly used video compression methods. While it is open source and popular, many of the default video players loaded with several Android devices may not really support the format still. […]

How to Create, Edit, Stream Live Video, Chat Using Tik Tok on Android

Tik Tok on Android is one of the most popular short-form mobile video apps. The application lets you create videos of funny or memorable moments of your life for approximately fifteen seconds. Moreover, you can also stream videos and chat through the app., now called Tik Tok, is a recent social media phenomenon with […]
How to Setup and Use Samsung Galaxy M20

How to Setup and Use Samsung Galaxy M20

This article is all about the simpler ways to Setup and Use Samsung Galaxy M20 which has already made its journey in February 2019. While Xiaomi and Oppo were taking away the Smartphone market slowly by releasing All-rounder devices at a comparatively low price, Samsung had no way but to come out from cocoon. Well, […]
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How to Setup and Use Samsung Galaxy M10

Samsung just rolled out Galaxy M10, a budget handset that offers exceptional functionalities at its price. Talking about Samsung Galaxy M10 features and specification, it has an infinity V display screen on 6.22 inches and is powered by 1.6GHz octa-core processor. The device comes with internal storage of 3 GB RAM/ 32 GB ROM and a […]
How to Setup and Use Samsung Galaxy J8 Plus Android Phone

How to Setup and Use Samsung Galaxy J8 Plus Android Phone

People nowadays look for budget smartphones rather use a highly expensive one. Who do want to cost much if you can get all handy features at a cheaper price? Well, you might be thinking of using a mid-range phone and we can assure that Samsung J8 Plus is the best available till now in the […]
How to Remotely Reset Android Lock Screen Pattern, Password, and PIN Photo 1

How to Remotely Reset Android Lock Screen Pattern, Password, and PIN

What if you fail to recall the PIN or pattern of your Android handset even after multiple attempts? With fingerprint scanning and facial recognition, you generally don’t have to use PINs and patterns that frequently. So, it’s not surprising for anyone to forget the passcodes. In many such situations, knowing how to Remotely Reset Android Lock Screen Pattern […]