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Online Tools comprises how to guides, tips, and tutorials regarding internet resources.

How to be safe on Social Networking Websites, Avoid Hacking

Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace have brought people together and have helped people share their emotions with everyone. ‘Happiness is doubled when shared and sorrows are halved when shared’, these websites have taken this quote to a new level. But some fraudsters like hackers, identity thieves, spammers, virus writers, have started to […]
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How to Know Train Running Status through

How to Know exact location of Running Train Train, the main source of public transport, covers most of the part of Indian Territory. Combo of Availability and Fair Charges make any journey quite easier than another transporting means. Much more effort of millions of employees of Indian Railways are behind of functioning the largest network of Rail System. As the blood runs continuously through vein in […]
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Google launches Scientific Calculator, Solve any calculation

Google Search provides us to find our desired search results in moments. We often search on Google to know weather updated news, Stock market news, particular city current time, cricket news ball by ball, unit conversion, rapid calculation and other. As we know, there are several types of calculator software has been introduced on internet till now. For example Scientific calculator, Digital […]

How to find Personal Details by PAN Card, Internet

Personal Details of any individual could be accessed with or without prior permission. But remember the legal aspect might be foil unauthorized  exercise of your’s. If required urgently certain provision has been made. By following below article you may be able to view personal details of desired persons. Access of personal details could be easy for all such persons […]

How can you get a Passport Online

Issuance of Passport is executive exercise of Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) in Indian Territory. 77 such Passport Seva Kendra are indulging to meet with the expectation of Passport Seekers. Important city in each state has one or two Passport Seva Kendra for garnering the acceptance of passport seekers. Process of obtaining passport starts with applying Online or offline way. […]

How to View Youtube Video as Series of Still Images

Storyboard of YouTube. – Watching video of YouTube mesmerize spectators. Lakhs of viewer all around the globe are keenly watching latest uploaded Videos. But, have you ever think; how do these videos achieve this state? Current revelation of YouTube throws lights on how mechanism works to bring video in this state. So, we are trying to discuss […]

How To Download Facebook Posts, Photos, Videos to PC

As you know upload favorite image, video, comment etc in your personal Facebook Account is shared online. you enjoy fun , share and exchange interesting ideas about your feeling on Facebook regularly. Although you want to download or save already upload file in your computer from Facebook . Therefore Facebook has launched new feature “download your Information”  for saving your earlier upload […]
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How To Deactivate and Delete Facebook Account ?

Facebook is a popular social networking website and about 800 million online users use it nowadays. It spreads enjoy and fun with connected users. Facebook facilitates various features to their online users for example – advertisement, online text messaging, video chat, sharing favorite videos and personal images, idea, opinion about current affairs etc. But sometimes you […]

How to Make Facebook Video Chat?

Facebook has launched online “Video Chat Service”  features for their users.  This features are useful to make group video online chat and online video conferencing through your Facebook account . It is absolutely free of cost. How to start-up Facebook Video chat? Firstly, you will have to arrange these hardware equipments for setting up Facebook […]