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Online Tools comprises how to guides, tips, and tutorials regarding internet resources.

How to delete yahoo email account permanently

Although many internet users use Yahoo Email Facility, but sometimes they may feel problems like: Yahoo mail account always occupies mass number of incoming spam emails and messages. You feel trouble when incoming mails are unauthorized and unknown, fake , blackmail. So, here some steps are being written. Follow these steps and delete your Yahoo […]

How To Delete Friends from Facebook / Remove Permanently

Facebook, a well know social networking website, provides platform to worldwide net users to express their felling as well as thoughts to others. Adding more and more friends and putting own’s thoughts are key act which is done here. Due to expressing thoughts and following others view makes a chain of mutual understanding between group […]

How to know IP address of Email sender in Gmail Account

How to know IP address of Email sender in Gmail Account: Whenever you receive an email from unknown persons your curiosity awakens to know about such unknown figure. But the big question is that how it would be possible to know about unknown persons? As you know, each computer on Internet has its own address called IP Address. When […]
fill up amout for bill payment in sbpdcl

How to Pay Electricity Bill Online in Bihar

In Bihar to pay electricity bill was really a tough ask for people. But, it is now a past story. Now simply open browser and type for South Bihar Consumers or for North Bihar Consumers on URL address bar of web browser and then after click View and Pay Electricity Bill. Remember here Online Payment […]