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How to share MS Word 2013 files to Facebook

How to share MS Word 2013 files to Facebook – One of these features is in MS Word and MS PowerPoint 2013 that you can save YouTube videos. Another excellent feature of office 2013 is that it allows you to share office 2013 files with Social Media Sites (Facebook and LinkedIn). You can share following
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YouTube Offers to Choose Long Video Ad or Multiple Video Ads

Commercial Advertisement, a way to reach more and more people easily, is the integral part of Today’s Videos or Feature Films. Non of the places, either of Virtual or Non-Virtual world is left without existing Advertisement. YouTube, common platform of worldwide Internet users for sharing their emotions and thoughts, stays in the same vein. It also […]
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How to Enable Macros in Microsoft Excel 2007 step by step

‘Macro’ an inbuilt feature of Microsoft Office helps us to assign own commands to do repeated work quite easily. In fact, Macro is a series of commands and actions derived by users to perform specific tasks. Anyone working in Excel environment have to do certain amount of repeated actions to finalize spreadsheet. Surely, repeated
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How To Uninstall Microsoft Office 2013

How To Uninstall Microsoft Office 2013 – If you have decided to remove or uninstall Microsoft office 2013 from the computer due to some personal reasons. Although, office 2013 is installed on windows 8 and windows 7 computer. Office 2013 comes in customer preview at this time among users. These versions are divided into two
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How to create Wifi connection (Ad hoc mode) in Windows XP

Wi-Fi  refers to “Wireless Fidelity”. It is the best option of networking standard for setting up wireless LAN connection in an alike home network. Wi-Fi is built upon the basis of IEEE 802.11 a/b/g and n standard version. It is basically implemented in star topology network with the use of Wireless adapter or Router that allows data transfer, Internet […]

How to work better with Windows 7, Some Tips

WINDOWS, is becoming flexible and more and more user friendly. New features are being added everyday and working in such environment is becoming pleasurable. These are some of the tips for printing more easily, sending e-mail directly from the desktop and finding files faster: