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Bing search history is deleted

How to Clear Bing Search History on Edge Browser

Anytime you enquire anything in Microsoft Edge, Bing responds instantly to your questions. This is because it is assigned as the default search engine. The history of the Bing behaves completely different with respect to its browsing information. When you clear off the browsing details of the Edge browser, you remove the browsing data

How to Cast Websites Using Microsoft Edge to TV

The big and special update of Windows 10 in November bought a media casting tool to the Edge browser. With this service, the browser is now capable of casting medias to all those gadgets which are supported by DLNA and Miracast. Well, it is known to all that Windows 10 had already granted the
Proxy segment under Network & Internet category

How to Configure Proxy Setup in Edge Browser

Almost all leading browsers permit users to setup a proxy server. Recently, the Edge also empowers its users to configure a proxy setup in Windows 10 whose process will be laid down in the following segment of this article. For many people, this is an unknown concept. If you are amongst them, we advise
sync your content toggle on edge

How to Enable Sync in Edge on Windows 10

Microsoft is increasing the number of tools in Edge gradually to lift the browser at the peak. Most Recently a Sync toggle underneath Sync your content heading got activated in the Settings pane in Edge. Enabling the Sync leads to Synchronize Favorites, Reading lists, passwords with Edge browsers across all your Windows 10 devices.
pin icon on the top right corner of edge

How to Pin Settings Pane in Edge on Windows 10

In order to execute minute or big changes in Edge browser, the Settings section is widely used in maximum scenarios. But a very strange behavior of the Settings pane is making all the users very annoying. When you unwind the pane at the right side of the browser to execute some changes and make
move folder button on website data settings

How to Fix Edge is Running Extremely Slowly on Windows 10

Multiple users are confronting Edge is Running Extremely slowly on their Windows 10 machine. When they access a webpage on Microsoft Edge it hangs down and creeps forward slowly. Images on webpages don’t load in a proper way. On whole the situation is very irksome. Here we are writing to fix Edge is Running
Enable VP9 checkbox under Media Source Extensions in Windows 10 Build 10547 Edge

How to Turn on VP9 Codec in Edge on Windows 10

Many users of Windows 10 are apt to watch the videos of high distinctive quality across scenes in Microsoft Edge and hence a video format is essentially needed to improve the resolution without spending more on the bandwidth usage. After the fresh Windows update Edge will comprise VP9 to code for the videos. At
sfc scannow command in command prompt

How to Fix Edge Toolbar Greyed out on Windows 10

A number of users have complained that on his Windows 10 PC Edge Toolbar is Greyed out. When they click More actions icon the drop down unfolds, but all the options on the drop down are greyed out. He can’t open settings, F12 Developer Tool, Pin to Start as these are not clickable. Although
Four editing options of Favorites on Edge

How to Edit Favorites in Edge on Windows 10

Edge browser empowers you a lot of attributes to experiment on Windows 10. One amongst them is the Favorites that lets you add preferred or commonly used web pages. When you prefix desired web pages on the Edge browser with the aid of Favorites, you make yourself easy to reach those specific web pages