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How to Fix Cookies Must be Allowed in Edge on Windows 10

Edge, the browser of Windows 10 was out for Insiders much before the final release but after the post upgrade everyone is aware of it and also enjoying its full-fledged features. However, few users are confronting a cookies issue on Edge whenever they attempt to sign in to a particular website through other than
Home symbol being disaplyed beside address bar

How to Show Home Button on Edge in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is getting improved with every release of Windows 10 build. It has been stated as the new web browser for Windows 10 and its sleek look is definitely attracting the users to explore more features of it. If you are looking for something that can quickly take you to your homepage, Edge
enable and disable page prediction in Edge

How to Enable and Disable Page Prediction in Edge

Microsoft Edge lets you browse the web fast as it has a new feature of page prediction that loads your following page instantly, by knowing the behavior of your browsing pattern. In this article, we will guide you with the steps to enable and disable page prediction in Edge. After you enable page prediction
Last option of More Actions is Settings in edge

How to Block All Cookies in Edge in Windows 10

When you block All Cookies in Edge in Windows 10 your restrict websites from storing tiny files on your computer to assemble your information and your priorities. Microsoft Edge lets you decide whether you prefer to permit the cookies or not. In fact, it also gives you a provision to block the cookies of
Send do not track rquest button under privacy and services

How to Enable Send Do Not Track Requests in Edge

After you enable send do not track requests in Edge, you safeguard your computer by restricting the web pages, advertisers or arbitrator content providers from sneaking your browsing detail. In this post, we will show you how to enable send do not track requests in Edge. Edge being the new web browser of Windows
Print a Web Page in Microsoft Edge

How to Print a Web Page in Microsoft Edge

Print a web page in Microsoft Edge – This browser facilitates you to draw printout of your favorite webpage. When you browse a web page in Microsoft Edge, you come across an interesting idea to print the web page triggered in your mind. So, in this post, we will share you the steps to print