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How to Clear Printer Queue in Windows 10

Oftentimes you might fail to print items on Windows 10 because the queue got jammed. When this happens, the system not only stops printing but also blocks the files waiting to be printed as well. In such a case, you may think of canceling the

How to switch between monitors Windows 10 Quickly

To boost workflow efficiency and experience significant advantages, many users prefer to use two or more monitors. In Windows 10, setting up multiple monitors is pretty easy as you are allowed to connect a decent number of virtual desktops without

How to Rollback or Uninstall Windows 10 21H1

Along with new features, quality improvements and bug fixes, Windows 10 21H1 might come with unwanted errors. Though Microsoft provides fixes for such problems in the following cumulative updates, you might not want to wait that long. To get

How to Install Windows 10 21H1

The first major update of 2021 and 11th of Windows 10 is about to release in Spring if not, you will get it by fall. This version of Windows includes lots of new features and is more focused on stability. Some highlighted features of this build

How to Delete Recent files in Windows 10

You might want to keep your privacy protected and computer clean both at the same time when using Windows 10. File Explorer has a location named Quick Access that lists all the items you use with files and folders. Recent files in File explorer