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How to take Webpage Screenshots from OneNote Interface

How to take Webpage Screenshots from OneNote Interface – Plenty of ways are prevalent in cyberspace to capture and preserve information subsequently demonstrate it. One way which most commonly used for capturing is known ‘Screenshot‘. Surely, you will have followed ‘Screenshot‘ service for capturing image, information etc on PC many times. In a general
god mode in windows 8

How to Enable GodMode in Windows 10/8

Every version of Windows operating comes with some hidden tools and Windows 8 follows identical set. The one and important hidden tool which is known as  ‘God Mode’ in Windows 8 has into its kitty. In fact, God Mode surprises you to have all hidden settings at the same location, which permits you to
bing homepage image

How to download Bing Homepage Wallpaper Daily

Search engine like Bing is known to offer new services to all-inclusive users. At this round, Bing offers to download Bing Homepage Wallpaper without paying single coin at day to day basis. As a blog writer, I have introduced all important inclusive services of Bing and hope the trends would be continued for longer period […]
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How to use OneNote Templates and Add More Templates

OneNote is the computer program that gathers and share user’s notes, screen clips, drawings and audio commentaries at the same Microsoft OneNote network. The OneNote application is obtained on Windows-powered devices besides of iOS and Android. Indeed, it is widely existing and certainly, you use this application to capture and share contents
windows 8 DVD playback

How to play DVDs in Windows 10/8

You perhaps know that Windows 8 doesn’t have built-in DVD video play support. But, some freeware programs are available to watch videos from DVD disc or play DVD latest formats in windows 8 on single click. 1.   VLC Media Player VLC Media Player is known as one of the best media player among computer
Xbox Music tile

How to play Xbox Music app on Windows 10/8 step by step

The newest ways of entertainment sharing have gained a lot of praises from the Microsoft fans after releasing the first version of Xbox 360 service. Microsoft has released Xbox streaming music service in June 2012. Its function seems similar to Google music of Google company. Now Microsoft has produced latest edition of Xbox music
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How to enable or disable Flip Ahead in Internet Explorer 10

As you know ‘Flip Ahead’ is a brand new feature of Windows 8 Metro version for Internet Explorer 10. It is similar to Opera web browser feature called ‘Fast Forward’. It allows users to quickly turn over next web page of existing websites with natural forwarding swipe sign. Indeed, ‘Flip Ahead’ gives  a wonderful
windows 8 system restore search

System Restore in Windows 10, 8 and set new Restore Points: How to do

Previously we have written on Windows 8, reset, refresh. Now I want to say that In Windows 8, System restore tool has been modified with latest enhancements to make it easier than earlier Windows versions. System Restore in Windows 10, 8 allows restore it in previous positions without changing document files or personal settings.
windows 8 metro settings panel image

How to Update Windows 8 Manually step by step

Windows Update feature has been modified in the windows 8. Updates and security patches are being released by Microsoft for all operating systems time to time. Such updates and patches are used to make your computer more protected and boost overall performance. In Windows 8, Microsoft has enhanced the customary