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How to Restart RDP Service in Windows 10

Remote Desktop is a great feature that provides you the ability to access, interact, and administer a computer remotely. However, in certain situations, you may come across some issues in the remote PC and might need to Restart RDP Service.

Remote Desktop Port Forwarding Windows 10

In recent days, users rely on remote desktop for various purposes especially to interact with a workplace computer from home or where they are. Basically, when you make a connection to your PC by using this feature, all you need is to straight

How to Search with a Screenshot in Windows 10

Microsoft renovated the search experience by introducing several changes in the taskbar search box. The giant software gives you the ability to Search with a Screenshot in Windows 10. This new innovation will help you to search for content with

Files UWP – Preview Windows 10 App [Download]

Files UWP – Preview Windows 10 is a modern File Explorer application delivered through Microsoft store. However, few features have not been revealed yet, people have started liking its sleek as well as fluent design, layout modes, tabs,

COVID 19 tracker Windows 10 App [Download]

The whole world is fighting with COVID 19 right now and this invisible enemy has threatened millions of lives at stake. Where we always take help of social media or watch news channels to keep ourselves updated about this pandemic, most of it

How to Start ODBC Data Sources in Windows 10

ODBC is basically a protocol generally used for connecting Microsoft Access Database with another outbound source like Microsoft SQL server. Open Database Connectivity (in short ODBC) is a driver permitting applications to access data from DBMS

How to Check Coronavirus Update in Windows 10

Microsoft always provides something new to its users and in this pandemic situation, the giant software adds a quick link in the taskbar Search interface. You can directly Check Coronavirus Update in Windows 10 directly from the Windows Search

How to Customize News Bar in Windows 10

Microsoft released News Bar in Windows 10 which gives you the ability to get a constant stream of news right on your PC screen. Currently available as Beta version, this app will keep rolling tidings feed from top journalism brands on the desktop.