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PowerToys v0.20.0

PowerToys v0.20.0 is available to download with bug fixes

PowerToys is a collection of utilities to provide better experience for extensive productivity. Presently, Color Picker, FancyZones, File Explorer Add-ons, Image Resizer, Keyboard Manager, PowerRename, “PowerToys Run”, and Shortcut guide are the utilities under this project. Today,  PowerToys v0.20.0 is released with stability or quality fixes. The utility has introduced a screen-wide color picker  SVG […]
Windows Package Manager v0.1.42101

Windows Package Manager v0.1.42101 Preview is available to download

The preview version of winget.exe i.e. Windows Package Manager has got another update. You know this is developed to help you find and install the tools that make your PC environment special. You can update to Windows Package Manager 0.1.42101 Preview through Microsoft store. Furthermore, you can download the same from the bottom and install […]
Windows Terminal Preview 1.2.2022.0

Windows Terminal Preview 1.2.2022.0 Released with many new features

A new version of Windows Terminal preview has been just rolled out. You know this application is an advanced and full of features tool available to command prompt and Shell such as PowerShell, WSL users. The Preview version of this utility offers the live features of the app pursuing its development. Windows Terminal Preview 1.2.2022.0 […]
Unigram 4.1

Unigram 4.1 Released with New Themes, Stickers and GIFs

A few days ago, we have written Unigram 4.0 for Windows 10 Microsoft Store is available to download. Today, a new version is available with many improvements and bug fixes in the unofficial messaging app client. Most of all Unigram 4.1 introduces new built-in themes like classic, Day, Dark and Night. Attractive stickers are also […]
Administrative Templates (.admx) for Windows 10 2004

Administrative Templates (.admx) for Windows 10 2004

Windows 10 2004 has already been officially distributed to many users. Currently, the administrative templates (.admx) for Windows 10 May 2020 update version is available to download. The.admx file includes group policies that can be loaded via gpedit.msc. The template is more useful for admins, or users who are familiar with the group guidelines. They […]
Windows Terminal 2.0 Roadmap

Windows Terminal 2.0 Roadmap Released

Windows Terminal 2.0 is making its way to release by Spring 2021. So the roadmap and milestones of this project is released on Github. It also includes a list of the key scenarios the project is aiming to deliver for Terminal 2.0. Furthermore, there are many other features that don’t fit within 2.0  they will […]
Unigram 4.0 for Windows 10 Microsoft Store

Unigram 4.0 for Windows 10 Microsoft Store is available to download

Unigram is an unofficial Telegram client developed for Windows 10.  The app offers a simple interface, quick and secure messaging, and synced interface across all your devices. Currently, more than 400 million active users are enjoying the desktop client. Today Unigram 4.0, the updated version, came to Microsoft Store with new features and improvements. The […]
MSMG Toolkit 10.0

MSMG Toolkit 10.0 Released to Support Windows 10 2004

MSMG is a toolkit supporting Windows 10 to create custom installation media cutting down bloatware, add, remove or customize features. The tool is updated to the v10.0 making supportable for Windows 10 2004. The new version is able to edit and remove components from v2004 ISO. Furthermore, MSMG Toolkit 10.0 fixed 2 bugs in “Remove […]
Sticky Notes Extended mode

Sticky Notes to add Extended mode and Tag management in Windows 10

Microsoft has been testing Sticky notes for several months which is going to be public now. Microsoft’s app will include a new extended mode and a function dedicated to tag management. Let’s see what are Sticky notes extended mode and tag management. Sticky Notes to  add Extended mode and Tag management Extended mode Sticky Notes […]
Cortana v2.2005.21943.0 Regains Wake word in Fast Ring Windows 10

Cortana v2.2005.21943.0 Regains Wake word in Fast Ring Windows 10

Hey Cortana stopped working temporarily a few weeks ago in Windows 10. As some sources, Microsoft put dropped the function because they were working to redesign the enterprise version of the voice assistant. But thankfully Cortana v2.2005.21943.0 regains Wake word in Fast Ring Windows 10 Insider. It indicates that Hey Cortana feature will be available […]