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settings window in settings in Windows 10 Build 9926

Windows 10 Build 9926 – What Are New in Settings

When you search for the PC settings on your Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9926 you are doing something wrong. Yes, Setting has replaced the old PC Settings and many new tools and features are added in the Settings as well. You will get the Setting window absolutely new alike the control panel. Here
Windows 10 - Answers of the Questions you can't Ignore

Windows 10 – Answers of the Questions you can’t Ignore

You are already familiar with the Windows 8/8.1 operating system. It attracts the users mostly due to its imaging features. In the midway, Windows 10 has been launched by the Microsoft. Windows 10 has really fantastic features. There might be few burning questions arise in your mind about the Windows 10. So we
win 10 App_Commands (1)

Windows 10 – Start Menu Returns, Task View, Multi Desktop Enter

Microsoft has named the next version of Windows as Windows 10 instead of Window 9. The tech giant is organizing a meeting in which reveals the name of the latest version of its Operating System and features. Many of tech blogs and websites have rumored the Windows 9 and its features and many more
Windows 10 Main Features, Release Date, Price As It is Coming in April 2015

Windows 10 Main Features, Release Date, Price As It is Coming in April 2015

Microsoft has been launching the new versions of Windows operating system from years now. Every version has its own merits and demerits. The latest version of Microsoft’s operating system is Windows 8.1. Still there are many users who are using Windows 8 and the previous versions of the operating systems. Everything on this earth
What is New in OneDrive Rather than in SkyDrive

What is New in OneDrive Rather than in SkyDrive

OneDrive is transformation of SkyDrive for cloud storage. After issue over the name SkyDrive created by BSkyB head of corporate business intelligence on copyright violation Microsoft decided to change its name. Today Over 250 million users wield SkyDrive now they will share and upload their important stuff on OneDrive instead of SkyDrive. Besides of name, some […]

10 Techniques The Xbox One will Become Your New Lounge Hub

In the time exactly where we’re more and more packing our own homes by helping cover their more tech, it helps to have a thing to tie up it all together. Not just is the Xbox 360 One the particular pinnacle of next style, it’s willing to take the family room limelight to make your entertainment experience more intelligent than previously.

Microsoft will bring Start Menu Back with dual boot in Windows Blue

Microsoft has introduced a touch based UI on Windows 8 with eminent start menu on the screen. This upgrade is mainly to bridge a gap between the Windows PC and mobile devices. The verge, reported that the Redmond Based software giant will include a dual-boot option for the users and for the traditional view