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Windows 10 Build 19603

Windows 10 Build 19603 Changelog [Fast Ring]

Microsoft comes forward with a new update having a good number of features, improvements, and fixes. This build includes Linux icon in File explorer navigation pane, enhances Free up disk space feature, and unveils News Bar app. Moreover, a bunch of fixes and improvements are available in Windows 10 Build 19603. You will receive Windows […]
Windows 10 Build 19587 Changelog

Windows 10 Build 19587 Changelog [Fast Ring]

Microsoft rolls out another update for Windows 10 Build 19587 with common changes, some enhancements, and fixes to Fast ring Insiders. The release does not include any major features but definitely focuses on the problems that users were facing. Issues with Default Apps page, missing of the search box, and more gets a solution in […]
.NET 5 Preview 1

.NET 5 Preview 1 is Shipped with Next Level Features [Windows 10]

Developers have very exciting news to hear that Microsoft has started releasing the next level Framework .NET 5 Preview 1. The final version is scheduled for general availability in November 2020. They have clarified that the framework is the future of .NET, which is a single unified platform for developing any type of application. Furthermore, […]
WSL2 will be Available via Window update in Windows 10 2004

WSL2 will be Available via Window update in Windows 10 2004

You know KB4541738 for Windows 10 2004, points some changes in WSL2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux). However, You can see all the changes in Windows 10 2004. The version will include WSL2, but with changes. The feature has been removed from the Windows image and has to be reloaded manually in 19041.153. Microsoft will push […]
Windows 10 Build 19041.153 (KB4541738)

Windows 10 Build 19041.153 (KB4541738) is Available for Slow Ring

Windows 10 20H1 (upcoming 2004 version) received KB4541738 cumulative update taking to the Build 19041.153. This update is available for slow ring insiders. This Cumulative Update includes quality improvements. Key changes include: You will get cumulative update KB4541738 automatically via the “Windows Update” service.  You can also manually check through ‘Settings => Update & Security’. […]
Windows 10 Build 19577

Windows 10 Build 19577 20H2 is Out with New Diagnostic data Feature

Microsoft started rolling out Windows 10 build 19577 in 20H2 with a list of new features and improvements. Some of them are Diagnostic data changes in Settings, updated icon for Windows Security, and PowerToys 0.15.1. The build is available in fast ring and will be installed automatically through Windows update. Let’s see the changelog – […]
Build 19041.145 will be Windows 10 2004

Build 19041.145 will be Windows 10 2004

You might have noticed that Windows 10 2004 has been ready since December 2019. The preparation is according to the calendar of the Azure Team. You should be currently up to date with the version 19041.113. Some very near to Microsoft team reveals that 19041.145  will be the next major release 2004 version. This build […]
Windows 10 Build 19041.84 20H1 Rolled out through WSUS

Windows 10 Build 19041.84 20H1 Rolled out through WSUS

Microsoft has started the final preparation for the release of Windows 10 2004. Yesterday, the company rolled out 20H1 Build 19041.84 through WSUS to insiders. The update comprises the newest security fixes in the OS build for organizations. This will substitute the existing content in Pre-Release version when you have previously added it to your […]
Windows 10 Build 19569

Windows 10 Build 19569 Rolled out with Attractive App icons

Windows 10 build 19569 has been launched with a special feature, some handful of improvements and bug fixes. This update specifically focuses on the intensive effort of Microsoft design team to bring some changes in the icons of all the products. Well, if you have opted for the Fast Ring level, you will get the […]
Windows 10 Build 19564 Changelog [Fast Ring]

Windows 10 Build 19564 Changelog [Fast Ring]

Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 Build 19564 to the insiders in Fast access channel. This update carries some important features for graphics settings and a new calendar app. Additionally, multiple fixes are there in the build. You will automatically receive Windows 10 Build 19564 update through the Windows update. Let us explore each of the […]