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Windows 10 Build 19564 Changelog [Fast Ring]

Windows 10 Build 19564 Changelog [Fast Ring]

Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 Build 19564 to the insiders in Fast access channel. This update carries some important features for graphics settings and a new calendar app. Additionally, multiple fixes are there in the build. You will automatically receive Windows 10 Build 19564 update through the Windows update. Let us explore each of the […]
Windows 10 Build 19559

Windows 10 Build 19559 Changelog

Microsoft rolls out another important preview build to the Fast Ring Insiders. Windows 10 Build 19559 Changelog does not include any new feature but definitely mitigates lots of common issues. Whether the problems with East Asian IMEs or crash of explorer.exe, Event Viewer, the giant software company tries to resolve all of them. With the […]
Windows Terminal V0.9

Windows Terminal V0.9 Released as Penultimate of v1.0

Microsoft is seriously working on the development of Terminal to meet the plan of final release of the application in May 2020.  Program Manager Kayla Cinnamon has announced on Github about V0.9. This is the penultimate version of Windows Terminal v1.0 and includes some important improvements. Windows Terminal supports command line, WSL, WSL2, and PowerShell […]
DTrace on Windows for Windows 10 2004 build 19041.21

DTrace on Windows for Windows 10 2004 build 19041.21 and Later

DTrace on Windows (Dynamic Tracing framework) allows viewing a real-time summary in user or kernel mode to detect and exact errors. You can see the details of DTrace.exe here. A new version of the tool is available to download for Windows 10 2004 build 19041.21 and greater with some features and fixes. The package cannot […]
Windows 10 Build 19551 20H2 Changelog

Windows 10 Build 19551 20H2 Changelog

With the advent of another New Year, Microsoft is all set up to enhance its most famous Windows 10 operating system to another level. The giant software is rolling out several cumulative updates, patches, preview builds, and more to improve users’ experience. Very recently, the team released Windows 10 Build 19551 20H2 to the Insiders […]
Windows 10 Build 19546 20H2

Windows 10 Build 19546 20H2 Rolled out with Graphing Mode

Another update for Windows 10 20H2 has arrived just now. The build carries Graphing Mode in Calculator and the beta version of Indexer Diagnostics app. Additionally, 4 important fixes are included in this update. You are able to get Windows 10 Build 19546 through automatic Windows updates. If you have not received till now then […]
Windows 10 19541

Windows 10 19541 20H2 Features, Improvements, Fixes [Fast Ring]

Microsoft has just rolled out Windows 10 19541, the first build of this year 2020 to Fast ring. The update includes new features in Task manager and Cortana and fixes for many issues. You will receive Windows 10 19541 20H2 automatically if you have enabled the setting in Windows insider program. Follow this article to […]
Windows 10 Build 19037 [20H1]

Windows 10 Build 19037 [20H1] Rolled out in Fast and Slow Rings

Windows 10 20H1 gets build 19037 in both Early and Late Access Channels. The update doesn’t include any new features; only a few fixes and known issues are in the list. To grab the Windows 10 2004 (upcoming) build go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows update and click on Check for updates. […]
Windows 10 build 19035 [20H1]

Windows 10 build 19035 [20H1] is Available to Download

Microsoft has just started the release of a Windows 10 build 19035 20H1, for Insider users opted fast and slow channel. The update includes no new feature but has some fixes, improvements and known issues you can read ahead. If you’re interested to install the Verbatim build go to Settings > Update & Security > […]
PowerToys v0.14.0 Rolled out [Windows 10]

PowerToys v0.14.0 Rolled out [Windows 10]

The PowerToys is a collection of utilities to strengthen power users to take more out of Windows shell. Advent of the tool is based on the Win 95 era Project, which is now available as open source on GitHub. You can install a normal package or over Chocolatey which supports x64, x86 and also ARM. […]