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Error 0xa0000400

Fix: Error 0xa0000400 Media Creation Tool or Update Assistant Windows 10

Microsoft, two times a year comes up with major update for Windows 10 with modern features and important improvements. Unfortunately, sometimes you cannot install them because of error 0xa0000400. Users come across this code while installing the latest Windows 10 update that restricts the progress at a certain percentile. The message that appears with this […]
GTA Vice City Mouse not Working Windows 10

Fix GTA Vice City Mouse not Working Windows 10

GTA Vice City is one of the greatly popular adventure games from Rockstar games and this a part of Grand Theft Auto series. Unluckily many players encounter mouse not working issue during its gameplay on Windows 10. The problem is not actually new instead it was annoying in the older versions of Windows. Once you […]


OOBE issues are quite evident during Windows Setup and in some cases, users also experience them in VirtualBox as well. Users fail to pass through the OOBE screen and after a prolonged wait they come across “Just a moment…” message followed by “Something went wrong” with OOBESETTINGSMULTIPAGE Error. Sometimes the screen also display Try again […]
LogTransport2.exe Error

Fix: LogTransport2.exe Error 0xc0000142 in Windows 10

Some Adobe users encounter a weird issue when they attempt to shut down, sign out, or restart Windows 10 PC. They come across LogTransport2.exe Error 0xc0000142 which further leads to the sluggish performance of mouse and keyboard. Affected users on various forums have put their concern stating that this Adobe error takes keyboard and mouse […]
origin error code 9:0 Windows 10

Fix origin error code 9:0 Windows 10 – Whoops the installer

This Origin issue is quite annoying for the players as they cannot update or install the game. The platform is known for simple interface and easy navigation in the gaming world. Still, you may encounter multiple issues including Origin error code 9:0 Whoops – the installer encountered an error. The Origin error code 9:0 is […]
CMOS checksum error Defaults loaded in Windows 10 Pic 1

Fix: cmos checksum error defaults loaded in Windows 10

CMOS error is an unusual issue that happens at the time of Startup because of conflict between CMOS and BIOS of your system. While powering off a device, CMOS traces out a number that should match with another one generated by BIOS while booting. Unmatched number leads to trigger CMOS checksum error in Windows 10 […]

Fix BUGCODE_USB3_DRIVER Blue Screen Error / BSOD in Windows 10

Blue Screen Of Death or BSODs emerges in a computer after the Operating System detects a very complex drawback in Windows which is mostly irrecoverable. The system shuts down and restarts itself as to avoid the necessary data from permanent damage. Often the vulnerability resembles as Stop error or simply a system crash which the […]
How to Repair Error 0x800710FE in Windows 10 Pic 1

Fix Error 0x800710FE in Windows 10 Computer

Windows 10 sometimes shows weird errors and 0x800710FE is one that appears when you delete a file or folder. Basically, it is a native Office File Synchronization issue that occurs in Win 10, though not enabled by default. This error restricts users from deleting a file or folder and shows that the component is unavailable […]
Fix DTUHandler.exe Issues in Windows 10

Fix DTUHandler.exe Issues in Windows 10

Executable files are represented by .exe extension in Windows and they play a vital role in running various processes. But in certain cases, users encounter a situation where DTUHandler.exe consumes all the internet automatically. This issue in the specific executable file indicates that it used up all the data even when the Network is set […]
WWAN LTE Modem Network Problems in Windows 10

Fix WWAN LTE Modem Network Problems in Windows 10

Do you encounter internet issues in Windows 10 after establishing a connection with WWAN LTE Modem? If yes then don’t be frustrated as we are here with solutions to fix these network problems. WWAN LTE is a wireless network that provides internet packet data using LTE, 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G. But sometimes the network […]