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esentutl.exe Error

Fix: esentutl.exe Error in Windows 10

esentutl.exe is an Executable file and exists as inseparable parts of the Windows. This EXE tool is supported by services like Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Server. These two services use the component Microsoft Joint Engine Technology (JET) database for their actions. esentutl.exe resides in the navigation path C:\Windows\System32\esentutl.exe. Apparently, esentutl.exe seems to be an […]
Windows 10 Update Error Code 0x80240438

Fix: Windows 10 Update Error Code 0x80240438

One of the common issues that users come across while updating Windows or installing apps through Microsoft Store is Error Code 0x80240438. Most of the time, both Store and Windows Update encounters the same error code as they have an interlinked delivery mechanism. As each operating system has multiple characteristics, so the culprit of the […]
IsArcExtract Error in Windows 10

Fix: IsArcExtract Error in Windows 10

Did you also get IsArcExtract Error in Windows 10 during the installation of large games or apps? Primarily, the system fails to unpack the information from the compressed data file of a large game in the Hard Drive as of being insufficient space in it. The error message also shows up when the installation of […]
Game Bar Common Issues in Windows 10

Fix Game Bar Common Issues in Windows 10

Game Bar is a new feature of Windows 10 that allows users to control Xbox gameplay via multiple modern tools. You might have experienced a new level of experience and enjoyment using this app on your Win 10 PC. Unfortunately, in certain situations, the utility fails to work and users encounter various Game Bar common […]
CPU Over Temperature Error

Fix: CPU Over Temperature Error in Windows 10 Laptop

Central Processing Unit (or CPU), the brain of the computer often gets overheated while playing large games or doing heavyweight tasks. This poor condition of the laptop or PC further throws CPU Over Temperature Error in Windows 10. Basically, the processors perform their best when they are kept in temperature between 30° C at 40° […]
Error 0x800f0986 Windows 10 Update

Fix: Error 0x800f0986 Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 cumulative updates and Feature updates ensure the best performance of a system and new specialties. While attempting to get such patch or build through Windows settings app, error 0x800f0986 may appear that prevent the system from downloading it. The reasons behind this issue could be corruption in update components, misconfigured proxy settings, security […]
0x8024000b Windows Update Error

Fix: Failed to Install 0x8024000b Windows Update Error in Windows 10

Microsoft regularly comes up with new builds, cumulative updates, and more in order to maintain smooth operation of the system. But some users confront Failed to Install 0x8024000b Error during their update attempt. The issue mostly occurs when the operating system fails to decode the Update Manifest file required for installing the patches. This happens […]
Windows 10 update Error 0x8007370

Fix: Windows 10 update Error 0x8007370

Windows 10 users are found to raise complaints as they are getting Update Error 0x8007370 while installing cumulative patch KB4512508. Whereas the main reason is yet unknown, various probable issues may cause the setback. Few are like the process entangling in an unexpected loop of poor internet connection in the case of automatic installing of […]
File Explorer White bar

Fix: File Explorer White bar at the top in Windows 10

Few Windows 10 users encounter a weird issue – a line would appear below the Standard toolbar of File explorer. You won’t be able to drag, resize or move it even though the vertical resizing shape appears when you hover over the line. Some users might not even notice it, but for others, it could […]
0x800f0831 Windows 10 Update Error

Fix: 0x800f0831 Windows 10 Update Error [Solved]

0x800f0831 Error may occur while receiving Cumulative update or feature update. The actual reason behind this code is hard to find out but possibly it appears when the update you are trying to install requires the manifest of a previous update package. Furthermore, corrupt system files, improperly configured proxy settings, unnecessarily running services, and antivirus […]