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How to Fix Sentinel Runtime Drivers Problem in Windows 8.1

How to Fix Sentinel Runtime Drivers Problem in Windows 8.1

When you upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 , You might have noticed your PC is not running so smoothly like Windows 8, and it is working sluggishly. This problem occurs due to a Common and Important problem Sentinel Runtime Drivers errors. Sentinel Runtime Drivers are very essential driver for Windows .This fixing tips will help you to solve this problem.
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Fix The Page Failed to Load or 0xc00d1198 Error in Windows 10/8

When you have upgraded your PC from Windows 7 into Windows 8 then you usually face some error messages like The page failed to load or 0xc00d1198. This occurs mainly when you launch Travel and Weather applications. This type of error messages comes due to Network Connection Settings does not support these apps. If
Printer Software Installation on Mac OS X

Fix HP Office jet Printer Software Installation on Mac OS X

This is basically a written tutorial of the HP Office jet Pro 8500 Printer Software installation on Mac OS X for those who are facing the problems while doing the same. Most of the common error that has been reported by many include the message (a snapshot is shown below) that displays some problem

How to Fix Windows 10, 8 Laptop Battery not Charging Issue

A difficult problem is found with just purchased Windows 10, 8 laptop battery and power adapter. When power adapter is connected to laptop battery it doesn’t start charging and the battery charging icon is not showing on the system taskbar. Laptop battery dies off when the power adapter is removed. Several windows 10, 8

How to fix Hanging issue during Windows 10/8.1 update

RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and improve Computer performance   While you start a Windows update process manually on your Windows 8.1 system, it suddenly hangs on. In fact, this type of irritating situation disturbs you in updating. Some old driver versions also create a number of other issues on your Windows 8.1 […]

How to Fix memory.dump error on Windows 10, 8.1

Many users who are complaining about memory.dump related error messages in the Windows 10, 8.1 system. For a beginner user, it can be truly difficult to find out what is the main cause behind this issue inside the windows 10, 8.1 version. On this page, we will be talking about how to fix memory.dump error
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4 General Problems of Windows 8.1 and Solutions

We have seen many new features and improvements in Windows 8.1 operating system. These features help us to boot directly to the desktop, provide improved start screen, re-designed Windows store and enable multi window mode for navigating modern apps. But, we have also found many general problems within Windows 8.1 preview which we can’t
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How to Fix RAM and internal Memory issues in Windows 8

RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and improve Computer performance   Have you seen any memory-related error messages on your Windows 8 system? Sometimes you would felt that when an internal error takes place on your Windows 8 system, it begins the memory test process. At the same time, you have to follow the […]