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How to communicate in foreign language with the iPhone apps

 Traveling the world is a dream for many and for the travel junkies it is their life. But the main problem which people face everywhere is the language barrier. And it is not an easy task for people to go on learning each and every language of the country they visit, not even for the […]

How to move all the files from iPhone to Android

 There have been many recent releases in the smartphone market and all of them are Android. The Samsung Galaxy S4, the Nexus 4 and the HTC One are some to envy for. These are so good that there are some iPhone users who want to switch to these devices. The hardware and the software specs […]

A must have app for the iOS device to clean up: PhoneClean 2

 There are many instances when the old apps need to be uninstalled and new apps need to be installed. Or rather a certain app is required at a particular moment and there is no space to install it. These are the situations when we feel that the memory on our iOS devices should have been […]

How to make a video Diary in iOS with the moving images

 Everyone is interested in keeping their old memories alive. And in this context they shoot large number of home videos. But these videos often become very boring and to large lengths without good editing. Therefore selecting particular parts and then integrating them would make it really interesting. It is estimated that one second of the […]

Top 3 Emergency apps which every iDevice user must possess

 There are many apps which we install every day be it on any platform from Android to iOS to Symbian. There are many apps which we use every day or rather frequently, but there are many which find their use only during special occasions. They help in day to day communicating needs and also during […]

How to Send free Voicemails from the iPhone

 Every mobile phone user is quite accustomed to the Voice calls and the SMS services. But, people are not much familiar with the Voice messages. SMS messages have voice versions which are the Voice Mails. It is a very effective method of sending the messages. When a person needs to send a message to another […]

Tips to prevent In-App purchases for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

prevent In-App purchases for Android This article is quite intriguing and focuses on all those parents who have tech savvy children. Let me straightaway come to the point. There are many free games available nowadays and almost on every platform, from Android to iOS to Windows. These games support in-app purchases which means that while the games are in progress […]

Barry to Capture Screenshots of Full Page with iOS Device

capture screenshots of iphone webpage A tech blogger often needs to take screenshots of full webpages for publishing a post over the web. If you have iPhone, iPad or iPod and want to take screenshots of webpage then how it is possible in quick mode? Though, you can take a screenshot on any iOS device by pressing the sleep/wake button and […]

Will Bill Gates Predictions on Android and iPad be true?

 The world’s no. 1 tycoon and philanthropist Bill gates makes a prediction that the Android and the iPad users will get such frustrated due to the devices that they would start using the Tablet PCs instead. This is all due to the utter limitations that these devices place while users are at work. Microsoft has […]

Is Dialvetica App a better Choice for iOS Devices than Phone App?

dialvetca vs phone app for iphone, ipad The biggest debate these days is whether the native “Phone” app which is dedicated to the iOS device will see its presence or will it be completely replaced by the more recent Dialvetica app. Steve Jobs said during the introduction of iPhone in 2007 that a killer app would be the one which would make […]
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